im having problems paying a seller

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  1. hi! if anyone can give any advice I would appreciate it.
    Im from the Philippines and my shipping address on ebay is the address of my cousin who lives in san jose

    i won a clutch bag and wanted the seller to ship it to me here in the philippines....problem is he sent the invoice and the shipping fee was for the USA. I asked for a new one and he said he couldnt send another invoice until i changed my shipping i changed it to my philippine address...the seller says the he tried but the "US address still shows up on the invoice" but i already deleted it

    so i logged into my paypal so i could pay for the item there coz i could at least change the shipping fee there...lo and behold...the listing doesnt show up on the "pay for ebay items" thing....

    i dunno what else to do except that i msgd the seller asking for his email address so ill just use "send money" instead of "pay for ebay items"

    can anybody explain why the USA address is still showing up when I already deleted it??? thank you
  2. You should call paypal and ask them, they are actually very helpful.
  3. ugh its an overseas number :sad: ill just send them an email thank you!
  4. good luck b3stbuy, hope you get things sorted out :smile:
  5. goodluck, i always here there are little bumps in the road with purchasing things from overseas... the stuff you really want is always far away tho.

    again, goodluck and sorry for your troubles....
  6. I'm not sure I can help with the answer, but please let me know if there's anything that I can do to help. Maybe I can call for you?
  7. hi varied obsessions...thats really kind of you but i dont want to be am imposition :smile: i emailed paypal and im just waiting for a reply...i emailed the seller asking for his email address so ill just send my payment via email...whats more is it takes 2-3 days for the seller to get back to me...i just want to get this over with...ugh ok im venting...thank you so much for offering :smile: hopefully ill get this resolved soon :smile:
  8. thanks everyone...i settled my payment already after a week and a half good grief!