i'm having my french bulldog neutered - quick question...

Mar 18, 2007
hi all :smile:

my frenchie will be neutered this thursday, and i was just concerned with his comfort level after the procedure - what should i expect as far as pain and discomfort? how many days before he's back to feeling his normal self? im just really nervous about the procedure and would like to hear from those who've had their lil' guys fixed. thanks!


Aug 28, 2007
In the past I've had male dogs neutered and they reacted as if nothing happened. same thing with my current female dogs and that's a bigger procedure than this. they literally acted like nothing happened. My lab was nauseous and vomited some for a few hours but then that passed and she was up running around and trying to swim in the lake the same day. i don't think they experience surgery the same as humans and seem to feel much less, if any, pain from it.

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May 24, 2006
please ask the vet for at least 3 days worth of pain medication, just in case. Usually pain medication are already included in the price of the procedure. Your dog might not need it, but you never know. It is good to have pain medication, just in case. If your dog does need it (you can tell by the way he acts, like he is in pain, ) try to give pain med at the same time each day, and do NOT give more than the dose the vet gives you. The first day, he will feel very tired, groggy, and probably not do anything except sleep. You might notice some shivering, but that is from the anesthsia wearing off..take a big blanket and wrap it around him..and let him rest. It is normal for them to not to want to eat or drink that first day.

Usually they recover completely by 3rd day..just please be careful to NOT GET THE WOUND WET...you can either get a e-collar or a onesie to prevent him from licking it. Also, try to not let him jump or run or just exert himself too much b/c you dont want the stiches to stretch open.

He will be fine....you are a wonderful mommy for doing this for him!!!!


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Jun 21, 2008
I think the vet usually gives pain medicine.... First day he will be very drowsy. From the second day, my dog was a little quiet but he gained his health back after couple days.
My dog had to wear Elizabeth collar but I think it all depends on where you take them.

The doctor should give you some kind of instruction...


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May 29, 2006
Sizzles acted as though nothing happened. He didn't even need a lampshade. He had a look on his face when we fist got him home that said "Look mom, no nuts!", but nothing after that.


I would suggest getting the soft cone, because they're more comfortable. I kept one on Bailey when I wasn't home but not otherwise, because he pretty much left the area alone.

I can understand how you feel. I wanted to cry and I felt so guilty when Bales went in for his "procedure." Anyway, Bailey spent the night at the vet's and when I picked him up the next morning, he had so much energy from being cooped up that we walked the 2 miles home. This was not my smartest move (though I did ask the vet tech first), especially since there was snow on the ground, but the point is that he was totally fine and full of energy and it was like nothing had happened.


Jan 23, 2008
Both of my dogs were fine after a neuter and spay..... drowsy for a whole day after the surgery, and they also weren't allowed to eat anything, but then the following day, we had the Basset 500 going on -- even though we were supposed to keep them still -- the spay stitches popped, but everything was totally fine.
Sep 14, 2007
Hey TC! Make sure that your Vet knows about using the special anesthesia that Frenchie's need (I know they're Vet's but I just think it's a good idea to always check). My french Bull, Toby, was incredibly tired and I think I held/cuddled him for about 2 days straight. He squats when he pees so I could tell he was not so comfortable at all. It looked pretty red but got much better as the days went on. I was so upset when I left him to have it done but am glad he was okay and was back to normal (personality wise) a few days later.

good luck!


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Aug 2, 2007
^^wow, my boxers must have taken it pretty hard then!

My baby girl Maggie could barely walk. We had to carry her, and she didn't budge for one-two days. My baby boy Stinky felt fine after just a few hours, though.


Nov 24, 2008
LOL Izznit ^^

BOxers are naturally whiners, I know my little girl is :rolleyes: . She HATES wet on her paws, it just rained 5 1/2 inches here and hasn't peed since yesterday afternoon. She just starts looking at me with those big brown eyes like "mom it's wet!!! I don't like it and darnet I'm not doing anything". But that is just how my little girl is.


Sep 18, 2007
My Brussels was fine and acted like nothing had happened. It hurt my DH more than our baby. No cone and he didn't even seem to need any pain meds, although I did give them to him for a couple of days. Good luck!!! Just give him plenty of hugs.