i'm having issues with my paris biarritz

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  1. i :heart: my paris biarritz tote and i've been using it every day as a school bag. i've probably had the tote for less than two months now and the stitches at the bottom of the bag are coming apart. :sad: some of the stitches are loose and some of them have ripped. i don't think i've been abusing the bag. i'm usually really careful with all of my belongings. at first, i wasn't thought worried about it and i just chalked it up to normal wear and tear...but it keeps happening. has this been happening to anyone else?

    i bought the bag at the fashion island neiman marcus. should i take the bag there for repair? does neiman marcus do repairs on chanel bags? or do i need to take it to the chanel boutique? do you think i will be charged for repairs? approximately how much would it cost to have the stitches redone?

    thanks in advance for your help! :smile:
  2. It is possible the things you are carrying are too heavy for the bag? If you have a lot of books to carry I would feel a designer purse like Chanel might not be the best thing to put them in. Just my opinion. I would take the purse back, it might be a defect, you had it for such a short time. Good luck.
  3. Take it to a Chanel Boutique for repair before it gots worse! And ask them some advices regarding this handbag.
  4. no, not a Chanel boutique, take it back to where you purchased it.
    But I agree w/ Gilliana, I wouldn't use a Chanel as a utility strength bag personally.
  5. thanks for the advice girls! i haven't really been carrying heavy things. i usually put my wallet, car keys, pencil case, cell phone, snacks, small water bottle, and a filing folder in the bag. i would think that the large paris biarritz tote would be able to withhold a good amount of weight though. the sales associate said that i could use the bag for work, school, or travel.

    during the first week that i started using it, i noticed that some of the fibers would start coming out of the stitches and make the stitches look "furry" (for lack of a better word). i just figured it was normal wear and tear from the stitches rubbing against my body. then, the stitches started to come loose. just last week, two of the stitches ripped apart.

    i'm going to take it to neiman marcus as soon as possible and see what they can do. once again, thanks for your help!
  6. I agree.
  7. I use my Paris Biarritz to carry everything but the kitchen sink. I think that's what this type of bag is for. I also use it as a school bag to carry art supplies and lesson plans, lunch, water bottles, books and magazines and lots of other things.

    You must definitely take it back and have them fix it... but I don't think your problems were due to carrying too much. Perhaps you caught it on something (at the bottom) and that's why the stitching is a bit loose? Anyway, don't tell them that... just have them fix it. :yes:
  8. thanks jayne1! i'm definitely going to take the bag to neiman marcus and see if they can fix it. i'm worried that more of the stitches are going to come apart. it's happening on both sides of the bag (near the bottom). every day, i notice another stitch that is coming loose. so far, only two have completely ripped. i just don't want it to get worse.
  9. Ask for Cynthia at NM. She is a very nice lady. I am very sad that Chanel bags are having problems. I had to return one bag today due to the stitching and leather tearing problem on my med black caviar flap. The e/w bag I bought before also had bad stitchings. Now I am not sure about buying a bag with too many stitching work.
  10. I have this bag and love it. The reason I got it was because it is so hard wearing. The SA told me this was part of the Chanel luggage line and made for heavier wear. I carry a lot of stuff, including my Macbook in this. I have had no problems with stitching on this bag. However, I did buy a mini-reporter before which totally had loose stitches and which I had to return.
  11. There's another forum going right now about problems re: new chanel bags. It seems like the stitching issue is a common problem.

    I came very close to buying a paris-biarritz bag for my every day bag but now I'm glad I didn't. For the $1,495 it costs, I would've expected great quality (like the LV epi segur mm that I've been carrying around for the past year which has taken a lot of abuse but still looks great).
  12. i think this stitching issue has become more and more common. i've had similar issues with my black baby cabas. 2 stitches came out and was getting worse and worse so i had to finally tie a knot to prevent it from unravelling even more, and then cut the string. it's now barely noticeable but i'm still miffed cos i paid good money for the bag! and this shouldn't have happened...

    i was having too much fun using my baby cabas that i decided to temporarily fix it myself, but i would suggest bringing it in for repair if you can stand the wait. :girlsigh:
  13. Thats terrible for such a expensive bag >< I hope chanel gets off their high horse and fixes their quality issues!
  14. thanks girlies for all of your input! i took the bag back to neiman marcus and they were really nice about exchanging it for a new one. so far, i haven't had any problems with my new paris biarritz tote. they said i could bring it back if i have problems with it again. i hope it doesn't happen again though b/c i love this bag. *crossing fingers*
  15. thats great to hear that you've gotten a replacement jennipuh! hope this new one doesn't give u any more grief :smile: