I'm having hair issues..

  1. I have straight long hair and I'm planning on getting it cut soon but I know for a fact that I don't want to get it cut short since my long hair is very much a part of me lol.
    I want to get long layers that go up about 4 inches but I don't want them to be edgy or super noticeable. I would like them to be subtle and blend in with each other but still be useful when I wear my hair wavy (since layers help making a wave easier). And I'm also planning on getting long side-swept bangs that I can wear swept to the side when I part my hair on the side and when I part my hair in the center, the side-swept bangs can frame my face. KWIM? I know I'm going to have a hard time trying to get across what I want to my stylist so does anyone have any pictures that show what I want my hair to look like?
    I've already Googled so many different searches and I'm getting terrible results lol. :noggin:
  2. I think for a less dramatic or noticable layer look its always good to make sure you get a razor cut. As for pics I can't help you there. HTH good luck and keep us posted with what you find.
  3. What about Jennifer Aniston - she must have had her hair like this at some point (maybe without the bangs but you could always take two pictures with you, one of the bangs and one of the rest).
  4. Show us a pic...love to see and give you ideas.