I'm having absolute kittens...

  1. My Dh is in the kitchen wrapping up my bayswater to go under the tree with the help of my 5 year old twins. If he scratches it or bends the handles over I'm gonna kill him!!!! :wtf:Wish he'd let me wrap it up myself!

    tell me I'm being stupid!!
  2. Oh my!! I thought kittens were being born on your new bag!!!

    You are not being stupid! I wrapped my bag myself!!! But, very sweet of him!! My DH hasn't wrapped a gift in 20 years!!! You seem to be more yourself, so you must be all better now!!
  3. Yes feeling better thanks!
  4. Did you see the wrapped package? Maybe he left enough room for the handles.
  5. No,I'd be having kittens too!!! But its only a couple of days till christmas so it'll be ok!!!
  6. phew- looks like he's wrapped it up in the big Mulberry bag so loads of room for handles!!!!
  7. I would have been wanting to do it myself too, but sounds like he has done a good job :smile:
    Looking forward to seeing your pics in the catwalk thread after christmas :nuts:
  8. Actually they are already on the thread. got the bag months ago but it's been sat in my cupboard waiting for xmas!!!!!:p
  9. Oh, of course :shame: - it's the Ivy! Bet you're looking forward to being able to wear it! Looks gorgeous! :love:
  10. Thanks!!:p
  11. Jo,When can you open it?????????Christmas Eve?
  12. Hahahaha!! was just going to say that!!! Has everybody had a go of their Christmas prezzie???!!!!!:nuts:

    I must admit I wrapped my own,so had a good prance around the house!AND took photos!!! Hahaha!! I am seriously waiting with the most horrible anticipation EVER!!! I can't wait to be able to get my hands on the YSL satchel and have a good play,and now Annie too!!! Aaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrgggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!! And its only the 22nd!!!!!!!!!:push:
  13. christmas morning!!!!!:yahoo:
  14. Not at all stupid!!! I´ve done the wrapping myself. And in the big Mulberrybox that came in average paperbox at the delivery from UPS. Wouldn´t risk anything this close to the finish line ;)!

    Also decided it´s going to be opened first thing on Christmas morning!!!

    Merry Christmas!!! "Let sleeping vets lie"!!! (- quoted from Herriot of course :supacool:)
  15. Yup....can completely understand!

    Funny story......just got back from our Christmas trip visiting relatives in Florida and took my purple Bays with me. I can't tell you how many times my husband was telling me where to place my bag ("not on the floor, it's dirty"...."put it here on the back of the chair") and the kicker was upon our arrival home, walking into the house to be greeted by my baby (DOG) and he said......"be careful, don't let Jake scratch your bag"!!!
    As if I would care!!!! (well, maybe a bit - but I REALLY missed my baby).

    Oh, by the by.......my baby is a Staffordshire Bull Terrier! His parents, both imported Brits!