I'm having a problem being the second owner of a purse

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  1. I truly do! I bought..5 purses(?) on eBay and I sold 3 out of 5 just because I don't like the fact that I wasn't the one purchasing them.
    Call me a weirdo but I want to get rid of this feeling.

    Right now im debating wheater I should sell my LV cerises pochette that I got authenticated here and in an LV store, or keep it..

    To me it just feels tabu buying on eBay. I can't explain why, It feels like I'm wearing a fake, and every1 knows about it but me. And I mean yet i'm sure it's not fake since I got it authenticated!

    This makes me worried, my feelings I mean. There are quite some LE pieces that I would like to buy but I know I would never be able to get them unless buying them from eBay. And that bothers me.

    It's like I would feel a ton better if some1 asked me where I bought my purse and I could tell them that I purchased it myself rather than saying I bought it on eBay.

    Here ppl also asumes it would be fake coming from there.

    I know im being so silly, but I just want some advice overcoming this feeling!
  2. You say: "After doing a lot of research, I got my bag at a very good price - it was hard work - and I deserve it". That's it. Why tell anybody where you buy what you buy? It is none of their business.
  3. I used to buy a lot from Ebay when I was living overseas and couldn't buy my favorite brands locally. I just told people I bought them online, if they asked I said from an American site. That was all they needed to know. If they asked how I got that brand sent to me overseas, I'd say a friend shipped it for me. Most of my friends still don't like to shop online, so they don't know what's out there or where it comes from.
    Personally I don't like being the second owner of just about anything, I don't like having a used car or a house that hasn't just been built! I have never bought a second hand bag, because I just can't bear the idea of someone else's hands being all over it etc. If I'm spending that kind of money I'd rather look for something new in my price range than stretch myself into something I can only afford second hand. There are a lot of purses I would love to buy from Ebay but I just know that I will end up hiding the purses away and not using them, in your case you sold them. Instead I just move on and hope that a better purse will come along when I do have the money.
  4. I would hate to be the second owner if it was blatantly obvious when I get it, that I was not the original owner. I've never really been asked where I get my purses from, I have coincidently, two of the same Ferragamo totes, and I really do love them, and like you, I know I wouldn't be able to get them from anywhere else. I'm okay with that and I love them to pieces (of course I loved it more after I cleaned the leather on them). I have not gotten anything else pusre-wise from eBay besides those two totes. (I have tried to get a suhali cles, but it turns out I was totally cheated, seller said they sent it, but never actually did, and they put it back up for sale after i won the dispute with paypal)

    I did get a second hand pushlock prada from luxury-shops that I think is really unique and I carry that one the most ever since I got it. It doesn't look or feel like its been carried before, and most of the time I forget it traveled to me online from switzerland. Ever since I got this one in August, I have wanted other purses, but when it comes to buying another, I feel really satisfied with what I have now. I hope that doesn't mean I'm at the end of the road, I'm sure it doesn't.
  5. i understand how you feel...i definitely feel the same way...there's something about my bags that i feel is special...each bag that i have, i've spent time putting the thought into and selecting it...i like smelling that "new leather" smell (kind of like other people like "new car" smell!) and each one means something special to me...that being said, there are other things on ebay that i would buy....just not my bags!
  6. I mean I don't see the big deal, I sell my bags online and would want the next owner to be happy with it. If you doubt your bag was fake then it's a different story. If you purchase from sellers who are known to sell authenticate goods and so forth you'll fell better. If you got a good deal, I don't see why you have to tell someone where you got the bag from or how much you paid for it.....:graucho:
  7. i know excatly how you feel which is why i never bought anything second had and bags to top it off noo way...i like being the orginal owner
  8. I know how you feel. But I have purchased accessories second hand and love them. In my case they were brand spanking new!
  9. I understand. To me it is more that sometimes the bags aren't as well taken care of as I would like. I don't mind buying a "new" bag on ebay. I have sold a lot of my bags on ebay, and the buyers were very lucky I should say to have won such well taken care of merchandise.
  10. I am one who doesn't mind buying pre-owned bags (as long as they are in good condition, and I also give them a good cleaning once I receive them). I have a toddler and cannot baby even my high end bags- inevitably something is bound to happen...having a bag that is not perfect takes the pressure off and I just enjoy them without the worry of that first scratch :smile: Plus I have saved a ton of $, allowing me to have a nice collection!
  11. I know what you mean, I even get that feeling shopping at Bluefly, since some people have said they were sold fakes. I would prefer to be the original owner, but on some things the price and the scarcity make it necessary to go thru a reseller - if you really want it!
  12. I totally understand. I hate anything but new bags! That new smell, and knowing no one else has touched it...can't beat it.
  13. I agree with you totally. I once bought a slightly used bag and it was just not fun. I have no problem with what other people think. For me, it is not about telling people where I got the bag. I just hated that I did not get to have it brand new. It takes a lot of fun out of my bag habit.
  14. I know how you feel, but for me it's not about having difficulties telling people where I got them, it has something to do with knowing that I'm not the original owner. G-D only knows what's been inside that purse.

    I feel EXACTLY the same way! Nothing against ebay. It's just how I feel about "used" bags or clothes. There's an exception to this rule though, I'd take used anything if it came from someone I personally know. Again, I'd have no problem saying "I bought it from a friend."
  15. I don't have a problem with second hand, i have a hard time shaking that nagging feeling that it might be a fake. Ebay has gotten really awful.