I'm having a Love/Hate relationship.....

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  1. with my grey Mattie!!
    I love the color, I love the size, I love all the storage........
    I HATE that the opening is so small...thank goodness I got rid of my fullsize wallet. I would have pulled my hair out!
    I want to keep it, but it just bugs me to no end. I have had a MAB before and got rid of them because 1)its a heavy bag 2) it clinked and clanked too much for me....
    How can I learn to love her????
    I only carry my iphone in pocket, french wallet, one flat bag for pens, ect., checkbook and keys!
  2. I know exactly how you feel. Looking at my Glazed Espresso Matinee, I know that gorgeous bag belongs in my collection. But when I do use Mattie, I tend to put everything in the outside pockets (keys, lotion, cell, lip gloss) and pretty much my wallet, pouch with store cards, and a paperback or small notepad in the main compartment where I won't have to reach in as frequently. Hubby also likes to commandeer one of the end pockets for his wallet and work phone when we're out and about.

    The Matinee is such an interesting bag but it definitely has challenges as well. I usually can't nest in the bag for a few days like I can with a MAM or Nikki, so Matinee will at least stay looking nice for a long time.
  3. I love your phrase "nest in the bag!" I tend to carry the same work bag for a few weeks, maybe alternating once or twice; I almost always switch into a different bag on the weekend but switch back into the work bag Sunday night/Monday morning.

    As for the Mattie, I didn't really care for it based on pictures, but I saw one IRL recently and it's a great size. However, I prefer my satchels to be convertible with long shoulder straps, or to have satchel handles long enough to fit over my shoulders and Mattie is neither of these for me.

    OP, in my opinion - ultimately if the opening is bothersome you might find yourself not carrying her very often. That's not necessarily a bad thing unless you purchased her to be an everyday bag. If you rehomed her, would you miss her terribly or only temporarily? I've used the "would I miss it?" test to successfully weed out "like but not love" bags from my collection. Best of luck with your decision!
  4. Interesting, I find my matties to be one of my easier styles to carry, of RM's and other brands, I like the outside pockets and longer handles. Then again, while I carry plenty of stuff around, no single item is particularly large...