I'm having a laparoscopy... anyone had one?

  1. I've suffered from very painful endometriosis for as long as I can remember. It's become debilitating over the past year and I'm having surgery next week. It's a diagnostic laparoscopy. I'm really nervous about it. Has anyone had one before and if so could you offer me some reassurance?
  2. I had my tubes tied laparoscopically a few years ago. The "gas bubble" (your abdomen will be inflated with CO2 during the procedure) wasn't a lot of fun for me afterwards but other than that--no problems at all. The discomfort lasted about 4-6 hours, I guess, but once it was gone it never came back. I didn't need any pain meds. There is a tiny scar in my belly button.
  3. What does the gas bubble make you feel like? Severely bloated I'm guessing?

    My doctor is just looking and taking biopsies. Hopefully I won't hurt any more than I already do. She wants to confirm that my pain is in fact from endometriosis and not something else.
  4. I had a laparoscopy to have an ovarian cyst removed and experienced only minor discomfort. No pain medication needed either. I actually had nightmares before I had mine...and then afterwards realized how I had worried myself sick over nothing. Please try not to worry too much ( I know you probably will but...) Good luck and hugs to you.
  5. I had one also. My Dr. took the "camera"/scope in to view the outside of my uterus (long story...). I was just a little sore & bruised at the incision site but overall, it was pretty simple. I also have a teeny tiny scar in my belly button. It's totally unnoticable. Good luck ;) You'll do fine!
  6. I had one (prior to a major hysterectomy ...)....so it didnt seem all that bad.I was in discomfort for about 4-5 days though
  7. I had one. It was for for infertility testing. I had a bandaid, basically, covering the incision site and I was a bit uncomfortable for a several days after, but it was not awful. It is a very common procedure and I have a small scar at my belly button that you can't really see. No worries, you will be fine! Pm me if you need me. I'm going away for 2 weeks on Sat. but I will be on sporadically over that time.
  8. I had one about eleven years ago. I had really bad endometriosis, too. I was told by my gynecologist that whatever they removed might grow back, but I don't hurt nearly as much as I did post-op. It's a simple outpatient procedure. They went in through a small incision right above my navel, but after, I had heavy vaginal bleeding anyway. The drive home from the hospital was torture. The smallest bump in the road was agony, and I DID take the pain meds that were prescribed. Moving pretty much hurt for a few days, and the bleeding lasted about a week. I stayed out of school for like three days. Also, I think they'd put gas into my abdomen or something for the procedure, so after, I had bad pain from that, too, although that only lasted a day or so. After a week or so, I was all better, and my periods haven't been NEARLY as painful since on a regular basis. I only get the severe pain occasionally, but as my gynecologist warned me the growths could return, I'll probably have another laporoscopy some day.
  9. Yep, I had a laparoscopy (and hysteroscopy) when I was diagnosed with endo. They were able to remove a bunch of the growth, too. I felt so much better afterwards (when I was on my period), though it's been a few years now and they've gotten worse again. It doesn't cure endometriosis, but if they remove the growth it can make the pain lessen a whole lot until it grows back. And being diagnosed means you can begin treating it.

    The procedure isn't too invasive, and the incision was pretty small. I felt nauseous when I was back in my room for recovery and for a couple of hours after I left, but nothing terrible. The gas they put in you (CO2?) was definitely uncomfortable afterward. It dissipates on its own, but when I sat up it would rise into my shoulders and collar bone area and it was pretty sore.

    Spend the week wearing comfortable clothes that won't rub on the incision, and take it easy. Take your time and don't push yourself too much. I recovered pretty quickly; my surgery was on a Friday and I went back to classes and work (though took it easy) the following Tuesday. Just take things at your own pace and you'll do fine! I laid in bed for a few days and made sure to have plenty of books, magazines, and DVDs around.
  10. Thank you all so much for your wonderful words of encouragement! I feel a lot better now. It's a diagnostic surgery. My gyno said she's not removing any of the endometriosis. I thought she was but at the preop visit earlier this week she said that she wants to use lupron after the surgery if I have it. She also told me that it will grow back if she cuts it out. Lupron has a lot of nasty side effects and I'm not sure I want to use it. I'm in between a rock and a hard place!

    My mom is flying up from Arkansas a day early so we can go shopping at Somerset. At least I have something to cheer me up.

    I have cysts covering my ovaries too (I have PCOS) so I'm most likely infertile. Part of me wants to have a hysterectomy and be done with it but the other part of me wants to hold out in hopes of having a kid someday.
  11. Good luck with your surgery, I hope everything goes well! From reading these responses you can probably tell that lap surgery is a little different for everyone but overall not too bad.

    I don't know much about GYN disorders---what's PCOS? Does it mean you don't have any eggs in your ovaries? If you do have eggs , can you have some frozen?
  12. Thanks! PCOS stands for "polycystic ovarian syndrome" and it means that my ovarians make too much testosterone and instead of releasing eggs the egg sacs just become cysts. So I don't ovulate. Freezing my eggs wouldn't help and I might damage an ovary. I'll probably try in vitro when the time comes to get pregnant. They'll harvest the eggs then so they're fresh.
  13. good luck with your surgery.
  14. Thought I'd bump this up and share my experience.

    I had one about 3 years ago to diagnose and remove endo. What my doc thought was going to be minimal endo, turned out to be A LOT of growths.

    The surgery was only supposed to last 30 minutes (?) but ended up lasting close to an hour and a half. I had 4 small incisions -- one under my belly button and three by my bikini line. After the surgery, the doc showed me pics of my insides before and after. Before was mostly black...after was pink.

    I was off work for two whole weeks.

    Everyone is different. Some people recover faster than others.

    Had this just been a laparoscopy to diagnose, I'm sure it wouldn't have taken long to recover. But since my doc burned and scraped away at the growths, recovery was somewhat painful.

    A month or two after the lap, I was put on Lupron.

    Never again!

    It gave me the WORST hot flashes and I was cranky all the time. It was the dead of winter and I was driving around in my car with the windows down and my A/C on full blast. I was sweating profusely and it was embarassing.

    It's been 3 years since the lap and symptoms of endo have started to return. Pelvic pain is intermittant. Some days are better than others. My period is VERY erratic. Sometimes it's on like clockwork...other times, I miss 3 months.
  15. are you going to get the surgery again? How did you feel afterwards. What hurts and what could you do?