i'm having a dilemma...

  1. i went to the H boutique the other day and bought a raisin epsom evelyn pm2, which is an awesome color. i don't have an evelyn, but i do have three young children under age of 5.

    now i'm going back and forth on whether i made a good choice, b/c i saw a graphite garden party and loved and saw today again, and have it on hold until i make my decision tomorrow. i don't have a GP, but capacity wise it holds much more. and the color is lovely, i don't have any bag in that color. i do have a raisin bolide so that's why i'm leaning towards exchanging the evelyn for the GP. but at the same time i love the hands free idea of the evelyn. i'm only going with one, as i can't afford two right now since my recent purchase of a kelly.

    i know both the evelyn and GP are understated hermes. do you think i should go for the GP or stay with the evelyn? thanks for your opinions!
  2. Babyhart - I feel like I am going through a similar debate (though mine is mental - no bags purchased yet!).

    I would say the key question is this:

    What is the most important attribute you are looking for in a new bag? Size - or "hands free"?

    If it is more important for you to have a hands-free bag - e.g. making chasing kids easier! - then I think the Evelyn is most appropriate.

    If, however, hands-free is not the most important consideration, I might be inclined to go with the GP. I have a weekender size (HUUUUGE; bag handles go on shoulder), but GP will hold more than the Evelyn.
  3. Its always nice to have a hands-free bag. IMO:heart:
  4. ^^ of course, the raisin bolide can be hands-free too, with the strap. In that case, the Evelyn could be a bit of a duplication.

    But is there ever enough raisin??
  5. I have a black leather GP...am partial to GP...and in leather, the straps can be worn on the shoulder if need be... : )
  6. babyhart, I have the graphite garden party, which I love, but I'd love an evelyne as well. They're very different. If you're like me, whichever you get, you'll want the other one, too.
  7. I think that the Victoria or Lindy is great if it is big enough for your stuff -- I carried a lot with my little ones and used a different bag each year never finding the perfect one.
  8. Babyhart, I have a Bolide too and don't think that works well when I am in full on mom mode. I think that the evelyn would be a smart choice for me when I am at the playground. I tend to carry just a few things in my purse at those times.
  9. bh, tough choice!! I'd be tempted to keep the Evelyne, because raisin is a great color. :smile:
  10. Have you tried on your Evelyne and sort of imagined how it might "work" for you? I think the GP is a great tote but if you are trying to hold a baby and hold a bag I would think the Evelyne would be way more practical. I just think a messenger style bag is a must for everyone's bag collection... for practicality in those situations where hands-free is needed.... and there are plenty of them in my life.

    I love raisin but if the color is what is bothering you, maybe try an Evelyne in another color?
  11. Maybe you loved the evelyn because you are drawn towards the same style and colour - like having 15 different lipsticks that are essentially the same colour. You obviously love raisin and like the hands-free aspect - but that's what you have - in your Bolide! I would use your Bolide for all the times you were thinking about using the evelyn and go for the GP instead. It sounds lovely and I think you might be able to hoik it over your shouder for hands-free if necessary. It would be nice to have a bit of variety in colour and style.
  12. I was about to write all that and allaboutnice just about said it all for me!
    Listen to her...the voice of reason and judgment...
  13. Hard choice--I have a bolide and evelyne and love both. I've tried on the garden party, and I think that I would use that in occasions similar to when I use my bolide. The evelyne, however, works for a hole different type of setting.

    My vote is for the evelyne.
  14. That's a tough decision. Both serve different needs. I love my Evelyne and I find that I grab it most out of all my H bags. Since DD is a little bigger now, she carries her own little handbag which contains her snacks and water bottle. The Evelyne is big enough to carry my overstuffed wallet, cosmetic pouch (filled to the brim as well), Ulysee, keys, cellphone, extra nappy & baby wipes and extra set of clothes. All these items fit comfortably into my PM2. I find with messenger style bags, I could swing it to the back when I need to carry my DD and haul grocery at the same time.

    I've always wanted a Garden Party but unfortunately the straps tend to slide off my shoulders. It's such a gorgeous bag and fits a ton.

  15. What size is yours that you can get on your shoulder??