I'm having 2nd thoughts !

  1. Hi everyone!

    As you all know, I got the Mono Riveting on Friday. I havn't worn it yet b/c I've been having issues with it!! This is the first bag that I bought ON MY OWN!! W/ NOONES help! haha. It's so beautiful, but I don't know what to do!

    There are creases in the bag! And it's bothering me SO much!

    What should I do? Exchange it for something else??? I've been having my eye on the Black MC Aurelia MM and the Mini Lin Ebene Speedy!!! But I LOVE this bag!!! Am I being too picky? Should I keep it???

    Here are some pics!


    AND THE DAMN CREASE!!!:cursing:


    Thanks everyone!
  2. i think you should keep it! the creases look like they are supposed to be there...
  3. have you try Purseket? It should help w/the crease, this is a keeper! It seems like the gold plate is adding the weight causing the crease?
  4. I love that bag but if the creases are going to bug you so much that you won't enjoy the bag the way it deserves to be I would exchange it.
  5. Well, I'm glad I'm not the only one having second thoughts. I haven't used mine either. I still have the blue plastic thingy on the plaque. Anyway, I actually don't mind the creases on the canvas, but what I did notice is that it's also getting creases on the bottom corners on the vachetta. As you already know, it's the vachetta that I am having real issues with. I have taken it out of the box a few times to try on in front of the mirror. I even noticed some 'transfer' from my jeans onto the vachetta which I was able to "buff" out with a soft cloth (thank goodness!). My rule is, if I don't use it a couple days after purchase, then it's just not for me.

    Although this bag is TDF, I would have to say return and get something else that you will really love..... I AM...:s
  6. Maybe go the Rivet Pochette - so you have something in Rivet - and perhaps a Dentelle Kirsten - nice combo!!
  7. If you don't really love it, you should return it to get something you will use. That's a good amount of credit to be used for something else (or a couple of something's lol).
  8. I tried to stuff it in just that area, it's hard to explain, but the interior lining isn't connected to the outer canvas, so it'll stay that way!!:sad:
  9. Mine slouches on the right side like that, but I don't mind since I haven't noticed any crease or anything else that's bothersome. I haven't carried it yet because it's been raining here. I'm keeping it, but if you're thinking of other bags I suggest you check those out.
  10. Exactly, one can purchase three speedies for that price! I plan on getting the Mini Lin and something else.
  11. I would return it and get something you adore;)
  12. The style looks like it's going to be a really slouchy bag to begin with. It's not a defect that much I can see, again it's the style of the bag. If this bothers you you should return for something you're really love.
  13. If you really don't feel too good about it you should exchange it for another purse ;).
    but I think it's beautiful in all honesty :smile:
  14. I still think it's a gorgeous bag and I'm waiting for mine to arrive :smile: I'm also concerned about colour transfer from jeans, hopefully I find some way of treating the vachetta.

    I can see what you mean about the creases, and the quite obvious slouch on the right side. Is that the same for all bags, or is it just your copy I wonder.

    Anyways, if you don't love it, then I say change it :smile:
  15. Personally, I do not believe in returns. If you are not happy with it, then return it and buy a bag that will make you happy.:yes: