i'm guessing everyone's gotten theirs?

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  1. i came home after lunch today to find my seasonal catalog in the mail :biggrin: seeing all that beautiful stuff made me want more!! not only that, but my beautiful DAMIER AZUR SPEEDY 25 FINALLLLLYYYYYY arrived todayyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! sooooo excited!!!!!! she's beautiful, i can't wait to post pics tonight!!!
  2. Nope not got mine!

    could not decide if I wanted so missed the boat on this one :sad: .

    Am awaiting the next lot but still not sure if Ill want it not keen on hand held bags at minuite (hard to push buggy) but it is a gorgeous bag ENJOY!
  3. i actually meant the catalog. lol -- the azur was an added bonus b/c i was expecting it either today or tomorrow but the catalog was like "oooo yay!" lol but of course i was jumping up and down over my speedy!!!!

  4. oh dooh!

    silly me, but enjoy them both.

  5. Yah, got mine in the mail a while ago, along with the New Year's card.
  6. i feel like an afterthought then :sad:
  7. Yay! Just enjoy the catalog. Can't wait to see your Azur Speedy 25.
  8. congrats!
    i cant wait to see the speedy!
  9. Well, I'm on the other side of the country, if that matters.
  10. I got mine today too............
    I am really wanting that flat wallet with the perle charms.:heart:
  11. What's important is that you received one!!!:yes:
  12. love that bag so much, can't wait to see yours
  13. what catalogue is this, can someone post a pic please ? thanks
  14. does it automatically get sent to you after making a purchase?
    an SA had me fill out one once when i made a purchase (it was at a lv i've never been to before) and I never questioned what it was about.
  15. I got the Christmas catalog...but is there something newer?