i'm grouchy

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  1. and i need an H pick-me-up. So who's sending me one?
  2. It's in the mail...Yeah...That's it.

    Why grouchy, little pumpkin?
  3. No muumuu pix = no H pick-me-up gift

    What's the grump cause?
  4. work. and hunger. reallllly grouchy.

    though my mom did just make me laugh. it hurt but i did it.
  5. Don't be a grumpball, H....

    she (or a grail like her) is coming your way verrrrrrry verrrrrrry soon....

  6. oooh H-Elfin, i'm sorry you feel like a grumpster honey, go read the eBay finds thread and drool over the crocailicous stuff in there, it will pick you up! :yes:
  7. omg katel you're getting me a kelly?? OMG OMG OMG.

    ::::running around my office in circles::::


    i knew i loved you katel. i just knew it! thank you!!!

    when's it getting here? any details? wait, don't tell me, i want to be suprised.

  8. welll......let's don't be hasty here, dearie......no jumping the fences without the horse just yet, if ye ken my meaning...... :wtf:

    when I land the big deal, howsabout that? :graucho:

    (do you still love me?? Hope so, I love you :heart:)
  9. been there, done that -- don't recommend it: http://www.metacafe.com/watch/179866/horse_jump/

  10. I'm doc...where is sleepy, dopey and the rest of the dwarfs?
  11. Now that you mention it...I would sure feel lots cheerier with an HLFINN muumuu shot.

    Don't you want to cheer us up? At least, do it for the kittens!

  12. Ahh Hlfinn

    Come and have a beer!!!!

  13. is ti just me dq or is that an inordintely hairy horse?
  14. oh look. there's my massai.

    sorry, no one is going to get that but man i just made myself laugh.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.