I'm gonna have a heart attack, I'm so upset....

  1. I ordered some Gucci shoes on their website online, my order was shipped on Tuesday, because Monday was a holiday. I selected Next Day service, expecting my package yesterday. It turns out that Gucci can't provide me a tracking number, only a URL linked from their site to provide the status of my package shipped from UPS. Well it turns out that supposedly UPS attempted to deliver my package at 11am, and they're NEVER in my area at that time. There's no door tag or anything! Now, i been waiting outside my house since 9am, and when I went inside around 11 or so, and on that link it states that UPS attempted to make another delievery around 10am. NO ONE CAME, I WAS OUTSIDE. On that link it doesn't even state that the package was on the truck for delivery for today.

    The only way I can get ahold of where my package is at is if I have my tracking number, which Gucci doesn't provide. I sent them numerous emails, and I got a responce last night stating that. So now I sent them 2 more emails, hoping for a positive responce. I hope no one is messing around in UPS, because I'm seriously so upset. :cursing:
  2. Dont they have a 1-800 # you can call..Or call a Gucci store..I beleive all the Gucci goods should be in their computers..They should be able to track it 4 u!
  3. Usually gucci has good customer service. :confused1:

    My bf works there. He said that they put all orders in the computer so there has to be a shipping number.

    I hope they find your shoes!!!
  4. Thank you you guys, I finally got my package, and the guy didn't even honk. My brother heard the truck, and the guy parked at the neighbors house, wth! But I'm good now, and i'll post pics of my goodies:yahoo:
  5. Sorry to hear about UPS. But most important thing is what shoes did you buy?
  6. UPS and Fedex did that to me few times. They did not even bother ringing the bell assuming that no one is at home and just left the package by my front door which is exposed to main st. Thankfully no one took my precious packages.
  7. Glad you got your package! Pics please and what shoes did you get? ;)
  8. I did post a new thread on my shoes!:drool:
  9. hi hi .... good that you got the shoes