Im gonna get my first!!!

  1. ok, i recently bought a fake multicolor speedy on ebay and while it was on its way, i (stupidly) then decided to do some research,and found out it was fake after i bought it,(thanks to the ppl on here) so the seller on ebay took atvantage of this poor little girl who thought she was getting a 320.00 speedy. anyways i have decided the only way i will ever be truly satisfied after this horrible ebay thing, is if i go to the nearest store to me and pick one out, then knowing its 100 percent real and proud of it. i was thinking of the classic brown speedy 30 for my first. any suggestions, things to tell me please do so. thankyou
  2. Can't go wrong with classic Mono speedy as your first bag. Mono speedy was my first LV love..
  3. I think every LV lover needs to have a Mono Speedy in her collection!! I say go for it!! (and sorry to hear about your terrible ebay experience).
  4. around how much do they go for, store price
  5. The mono speedy 30 was my first bag too :tender:
  6. the Speedy 30 retails for $620, and the Speedy 25 for $595

    have you considered the Damier Speedy? it's a really great bag too, and very low-maintenance
  7. The speedy 30 was my first purchase last Sept. I agree you can't go wrong with it.
  8. ^^ Agreed! You cant go wrong with LV speedy!
  9. I'm glad that you've decided to get one from the store, the speedy would be perfect as your first authentic Vuitton ! :yes:
  10. The Damier Speedy was my first one back in June. I've spilled on it, etc. and it still looks amazing! I love it! :love:

    Plus buying it at the LV store (be sure to ask for a box) made it such a wonderful experience.
  11. word
  12. they wont give me a box unless i ask for one? what will they all give me
  13. I just got my first ever LV on Monday and it's a Mono speedy 30. I'm so glad I decided to get the speedy as my first LV. Now I'm plotting my next bag. Be careful, once you get one you'll want more.

    After tax my total ended up at $666.50 (in Ohio).... bad number, great bag!!
  14. They actually asked me if I wanted a gift box for my speedy. Still, if they don't ask, I would ask for one.
  15. I would definitely go get the mono as your first LV. Sorry about your experience with ebay.