I'm Gonna Fail my Nature Photography Class!!!

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  1. We had to shoot a roll of slide film Tuesday....I live 70 miles away from Nashville and that's the only place that develops slides.

    I forgot to send my stuff with someone today at school, so I'm stuck. I CAN'T make time to make a special trip to Nashville, so I'm trying to hit up all my friends from school to see if they can take my stuff. I'm between a big ass rock and a really hard hard place.

    It's 1am I need to go to sleep....now.
  2. uh huh :huh:
  3. Well you must be too busy for school...but didn't you just post a thread that you were laid off from work a few days ago? I don't get it....?
  4. Looks like you're going to have to make the time to take the film in yourself.
  5. Ok, three things...
    I thought you went to school in Nashville.

    Your school doesn't have a lab for you to develop your slides?

    This place is only 38 miles away:
    Wolf Camera
    The Shops at Glenbrook Centre
    1050 Glenbrook Way, Suite 400
    Hendersonvillle, TN 37075-1246
    Phone: 615-822-4613
    Approximate Distance: 38.90 miles
  6. Frankly if it was an assignment I wouldn't trust anyone to take my film in for developing anyway. It's really something I would want/need to do myself.
  7. That's what I was thinking.:yes:
  8. Im just not understanding where all your time is going?? You didnt have time because you were working all the time, well-now you dont have a job...sooo??????

    Im just confused.
    But it looks like Charles gave you a solution, good luck.
  9. Sorry to hear about that. Good luck :smile:
  10. Ok, number 1, yeah, I go to school n Nashville, but I live 70 miles away from Nashville and gas prices are a ***** and I've been laid off from work so therefore I have no money! Besides my Dad has only been given like a month left, so I'll be damned if I leave him just to drive to Nashville for a grand total of 5 minutes inside the store and drive all the way back.

    Wolfe doesn't develop slides. Only Chromatics in Nashville does. Wolfe isn't the best place to go for anything anyway. And no, school doesn't have the equipment to develop slides, it's so stupid.

    I found a way to get them there so no worries.
  11. ^^That's terrible, I am so sorry about your dad.:sad: Please spend a lot of time with him, and let him know that you are there for him and cheer him up. Prayers to you, your dad, and your family.
  12. Sounds to me like you should spend time with your Dad and not waste it on the internet.

  13. I agree. It's long past time for you to turn the computer off.
  14. Snap!
  15. ^^ ITA...take it from tPF'ers out there who have lost loved ones. Please get off the computer and spend time with your dad. ((HUGS))