I'm gonna do it: my first b-bag!

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  1. so I woke up this morning, after spending years (seriously) wanting one, and realized that i only live once. I have a few designer purses, mostly vintage, but there is always that little nag in me that wants, and only wants a b-bag, more specificly a first, motorcycle or a city, in grey, black, or other dark color. of course i want them all, but for my first purchase, i want something i can wear with almost anything. my b/f thinks i'm crazy for wanting to spend that kind of money. but at this point i can afford it, i might have to curb some of my spending habits for a couple weeks, but it is SO worth it. So, I'm gonna do it. :graucho:

    i'm pretty new to tPF, although i've looked at it before, but my addiction to quality accesories has been life long. I'm so happy there is place to relate and share this with!
  2. Congratulations on your decision! :okay: You won't regret it, however be prepared, it won't be your last! :nuts: Make sure you post pics when you get her home! :yes:
  3. Nice! Let us know what you decide to get!! :tup:
  4. Awwww congratulations!! I can't wait to see pics of what you get.

    I too waited years for a bbag.
  5. Just so you know motorcycle is the style of the bag, :yes: first & city are sizes! ;) City is a really great size, and black is a great color for your first b-bag!
  6. A warm welcome to tPF, octoberbug. You've made a great decision to get your first Bbag and you'll have no regrets. There are some super colours and styles out there to choose from. Let us know what you decide.
  7. let us know what you decide and do post pics when you get her! :smile:
  8. Ditto! But I assure you, once you get one, you'll want to get another and another and another...but a great first bag would be a black city!;) Or if you can, there's gonna be a grey for f/w 08!
  9. Congrats, do let us know what you decide! Good luck!
  10. City is the best size to start with IMO because it is a great size and looks great. I love the colour anthracite because it goes with everything! If you are planning to wear it alot then dark colours are the best because they dont show the dirt or wear as much.

    Do post pics when you get it... and they are most definately addictive, just be warned:love:
  11. octoberbug..you will LOVE your future City..the leather makes them casual yet stylish in vibe and so soft that you stroke them like a puppy..the colors are amazing..each bag an individual..part of the enjoyment for me is the wait, the saving, the excitement when the package arrives..you will not regret it..Welcome to Bal-world.
  12. Congratulations on taking one step closer to the love of bbags:smile: Please post pics when you get her:yes:, and welcome to the forum!