I'm gonna burst!!! I can't hold it in anymore!!

  1. I have the greatest husband in the world! hehehe. Since finding this site, it's been LV this LV that, speedy this, speedy that...not only does he listen and seem interested (he actually found this site for me, browses it too!), he approves of my new LV addiction! Last nite, all off the sudden, he wanted to go to the LV store,(we live 10 mins away, sick!) said he wanted to look at the Geronimos for him, changed his mind and said we were here to pick up a birthday present for me (next month)!!!! He likes the Damier speedy ,looked at others: Damier & Multicolore Almas, Multicolore Speedy, Damier Musette, and lastly indulged in the MANHATTAN PM!! I immediately fell in love with it, the size, the hardware and the nice lining..a step up from my Speedy 25. DH said he liked it the first time he saw it! He said that's my birthday present!! I'm so lucky to have a husband that understands and supports my addiction!

    PS. I wanted to mention my SA was soooo nice, helpful, and patient, I had an awesome experience.

    Here are some pics, will post some body shots later:
    Manhattan PM0000.JPG Manhattan PM0001.JPG Manhattan PM0002.JPG Manhattan PM0004.JPG Manhattan PM0005.JPG
  2. What a sweet Husband!
    Congrats on the new Manhattan!
    maybe later you can get him something special too...
  3. Congratulations and Happy Birthday!! Your DH is one sweet guy!
  4. Congrats! It's a beauty! What a nice husband.
  5. hehe. his birthday is in Nov...I've got some ideas LV style already! lol ;)
  6. Congrats! :biggrin:
  7. Oh thats such a sweet DH you got there!!!

    Congrats and have a happy happy birthday with your new bag :smile:
  8. That is sooo effing sweet!!! Congrats and happy early b-day!!!
  9. Happy Birthday!!!
    You have a wonderful husband who has fantastic taste! Enjoy your new Manhattan PM! That's one of my favorites on my wish list...
  10. Happy Birthday! Congrats on your bag!
  11. Wonderful.
  12. :yahoo: Congrat's great purchase

  13. Awww Congrats!!!:yahoo:That's soooo sweet of him and it's gorgeous!!!:love:
  14. What a dream husband!! That's so great!! Congrats and have a great birthday!!:flowers:
  15. Congrats!! You're DH is too sweet! I have always loved the Manhattan, it will hopefully be my next purchase. Enjoy your bag and have a great Birthday!!