I'm going with these Chloe black boots (New Edith).

  1. I found them at the Chloe boutique in Costa Mesa, CA. The SA mailed these pictures. Remember I live in the midwest so finding Chloe's is next to impossible. I called every store that carries "our gal" in the U.S. and these boots are it.:graucho:

    Their sheer comfort pushed me to buy them. IN LOVE!

  2. ^ Can't see your picture.
  3. Dsc00194.jpg
  4. Still learning how to downloard. Sorry for the lousy little picture?
  5. Let's try this?

    and this
  6. YEA I did it?????? I think?
  7. I am glad you found them..I looked around but couldn't find anything!

    It nice to see people as persistent as me......

  8. Here's the mastic pair (old Edith) that I own. These new Edith boots don't have a tab in the back but they do sport side stitching which I really like!

  9. I Love the bag with the boots....
    do you have a bag that goes with the new boots?
  10. No black Edith (I love the style of the boots but not the purse). I do have a black tall Paddington shopper with dove gray stitching that will looks so fine with these new boots.

    BTW Mona, with your Paddington boots, how tall is the heel when you measure straight up the back. These Edith's run @ 4inches and my short buckled Prince is 3.75 inches.

    Just curious.
  11. susieserb, the boots and the bag - that is such a gorgeous combination!!!:love:
  12. Beautiful combination! You look great with them. =)

  13. YAY! You did it!
    Thanks for sharing your pictures with us.


  14. Wow LOVE the bag/boots!!! Mastic is such a gorgeous colour :drool:
  15. There is going to be lots of new styles of boots for the Fall; they'll start coming into the stores by June. Get this, there's going to be a BAY boot, also the boots are going to have thicker soles and belts accross the bridge of the foot. They'll be more expensive than the one I just bought because a) they're lined with leather (mine isn't) b) they'll have zippers (mine is pull on).

    It was a tough decision for me to buy now (last size 9 in a black boot available) or wait for the new season.....

    Anyway I have no regrets and I can't believe Summer isn't here yet and I'm planning for FALL :confused1: