I'm going with the Jumbo, but which one?

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  1. Thanks to everyone who commented on my post yesterday! I've decided to go with a Jumbo as my 2nd Chanel, but I'm not sure which one. Currently I only have the Accordian flap bag in black washed caviar (sorry I don't know the official name, but it's the same one that Jill commented on and now has. Anyway, for the Jumbo I was thinking about black caviar with s/h, but that would be the same leather and hardware as the one I have now - is that too much??? My other choices would be black lambskin, either g/h or s/h...I usually prefer the s/h, but maybe I need to switch it up a bit? I also like how classic the black and gold look together. There are also a couple of brown lambskin Jumbos on eBay that I like....anyway, here are the choices! and sorry for rambling!

    black caviar with s/h
    black lambskin with s/h
    black lambskin with g/h
    brown lambskin with s/h

    Any opinions would be greatly appreciated!:yes:
  2. Hmm.. I prefer the black over brown, but I see your dilemma since you already have a bag in black caviar. What about other colors? Or are you sticking with the basics?

    I will say that I think caviar is a better choice than lambskin for such a big bag, though... I love the look and feel of lambskin but I've heard it's tougher to maintain!
  3. ^yea I've been reading up on that, and I'm a little scared of lambskin now! lol.

    Anyway, I suppose the Jumbo is quite different from the one I have...but I don't know if it's different enough?
  4. I'd def go for the black/gold HW combo! :love:

    but that's only b/c I want that one :upsidedown:

    haha~~~ GL! Post lots of pics when you get it in!! :woohoo:
  5. I think the black caviar with s/h would still be ok. The bags are different enough to where you wouldn't have to worry about them looking too much alike.

    Brown lambskin with s/h would also look great but you do have to worry about the durability of the leather.

    I agree with you on the s/h - I usually only use s/h on my bags because most of my jewelry is white gold :yes:
  6. I say black caviar with gh. I love the combination.
  7. Black Caviar Jumbo flap with Silver HW:yes:
  8. black caviar wih silver h/w is more casual.. but caviar with gold h/w is irrisistable...
  9. black caviar with gold hardware is timeless and classsssssic.
  10. Love - love - love my black caviar jumbo with gold hardware!!! That one gets my vote!!:yes:
  11. I would go with black lambskin w/ GH! So classic!
  12. I love my black jumbo w/ ghw :yes:
  13. I like the black caviar with s/h choice! Good luck! :smile:
  14. I vote for black caviar with s/h :smile:
  15. I would love one in caviar in a more 'unique' color than black, but I'm buying it second hand and they're not very easy to find! :crybaby:
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.