I'm Going To...

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  1. Chicago in April. Anyone know of some places to find great deals?
  2. Ever been to Designer Resale of Chicago-anyone?
  3. I have yet to visit Chicago, but I hear it's one of the most exciting metropolis' that the US has to offer.
  4. Chicago is AMAZING...it also feels much more modern than NYC...
  5. i personally don't know of any good places to find deals. but if you have some extra time and haven't been there yet...i would definitely stop my millenium park! the fountain is so awesome and the big bean is actually pretty cool
  6. I've been there before...thanks for the suggestion...
  7. man i love chicago, been twice, but i don't know any good places to find deals :sad:. i'm sure you've heard of the magnificent mile, might wanna do that. maybe they'll have sales?
  8. Of course i've heard of the magnificent mile...but i mentioned this shop, Designer Resale of Chicago. I'll check it out.