I'm going to Woodbury Commons..

  1. ... on Saturday, hoping to find a really good deal on a chanel purse (crossing my fingers)...

    i'll keep you guys posted if i find anything :smile:
  2. Good luck! Hope you find something good!
  3. Good luck from me too :smile:
  4. Wish I could tag along!! We'll all be waiting for a report. If you can, take pics, please, please. I hope you find some goodies.
  5. Good luck and have fun shopping!!! (And wear comfortable shoes, that place is SO big!) :smile:
  6. That place is HUGE! GL on finiding something!!
  7. Good luck, I hope you find something great. I go there once in a while, sometimes I luck out and sometimes I come home empty-handed.
  8. Have fun and good luck!!!
  9. thanks to all my well wishers!!

    this is actually my first time going there with a purpose... i'm on a mission to buy something nice that wont break the bank... *crossing my fingers*

    i'll definitely keep you guys posted :smile:
  10. got into a car accident --- d'oh!!!

    had to tie loose ends... never got to go to woodbury to check out the chanel outlet :sad:

    i hope i didn't miss anything awesome...
  11. ^^ ouch! Hope everyone's ok!
  12. Oh my goodness...:shocked:

    Everything ok?
  13. everyone in my car was fine... the minibus that hit us from behind had a few injuries since they don't have any seatbelts...

    thankfully everyone is ok.. it was just a huge pain in the neck (literally and figuratively speaking!)
  14. wow talk about bad luck, glad to hear you are ok and the others on the bus as well...
    if you have pain in the neck MAKE SURE YOU GOTO THE doctors and have some kind of therapy- that neck pain could come back to haunt you..
    its never good getting rammed in the back when you are suspecting it..
  15. Glad u r ok. But what aggravation, uck.