I'm going to the Teen Choice Awards!

  1. I so excited to be taking my daughter to LA for this show...anyone else going?:woohoo:
  2. no, but it sounds cool, have fun!
  3. What fun!
    Please take pics!
    Have a great time!
  4. Have fun, share some pics!!!
  5. Sounds fun, have a great time!
  6. Lucky! Do share pics, hopefully they let you bring a camera.
  7. ooooh have fun !!!:tup:
  8. SWEET! I hope you have the best time! Can't wait for the full report, coldplay!
  9. That sounds like fun! How did you get tix?
  10. Wow, have fun!!! That sounds like a really cool thing to take your daughter to.

    Planned out an outfit yet?
  11. Have a blast and tell us all about it after :smile:
  12. congrats!!
  13. Yay good for you!!!!
  14. Have a great time...it sounds so fun!!!
  15. Take pictures!!!! Have fun!!!