i'm going to the philippines tomorrow...

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  1. and i was wondering if anyone knew some places to shop! oh and does the fake tokidoki look FAKE fake or does it look close to real? my little cousin wants one but she is only four and her mom is kind of a little low on money right now. OH!!!! and the most exciting part is i am finally going to Japan!!!! i am going to only be able to look around in the tokyo area and i was wondering if anyone knows where to shop THAT IS AFFORDABLE. hehe. i want some cute stuff :yes:
  2. i hope someone replies! :tpfrox:
  3. I can't help you with the Phillipines...

    But the "Tokyo area" is quite big. Tokyo spans a great amount of space... I don't remember specific stores and what not, but I only know that if you're looking for clothing, handbags, etc. they're expensive compared to the US. But they do have cute, trendy jewelry, cell phone charms, and other "cute" stuff in free-standing stores and department stores that are very reasonable!! I guess it all depends on what you're wanting to shop for...
  4. oooh... how exciting! where in the philippines are you going?? will you be in manila? if so, i can help you. :tup: i was just there in march. the shopping is awesome. lots cheaper than the u.s. especially clothes and shoes. when i was there, the fake tokis were kinda "screaming" fake, but who knows, with the growing popularity, they might be better now.
  5. yup i'll be going to manila! ew the fake tokis are yucky fake :p still ill be happy shopping!
  6. from what I remember reading somewhere the toki's there are as different from the prices here. Just because it's in the Philippines doesnt mean it any cheaper. I think toki prices are set by LeSportsac so it's the same price everywhere. I dont mean to hate on my motherland but I would not buy toki's there. It would probably be retail plus extra for tariff. You should check out the Mall of Asia when you get there I heard it's really nice! It opened a few days before I left last year and I wasnt able to check it out.
  7. BTW, my family and my boyfriend and I are going next year to the motherland and my boyfriend and I are going on a South East Asia tour. I'm already thinking if I should bring any of my toki's there! I think a BV or the Aventura would be a good carry on bag. don't you think?
  8. thanks for the info kula_bear! i think the bv or the adventura would be a great carry on bag. they're perfect!
  9. if you're going to be in Tokyo, Best places for Shopping are Shibuya & Harajuku. (Specifically the Shibuya 109 building - that was my favorite when I was there & Takeshita Dori in Harajuku) I suppose you could always start in Harajuku then just walk down Jingumae Dori all the way to Shibuya but it might be far, saves you the money on train fare tho if its a nice day.
  10. I'm going there in December and I'm excited to do some shopping myself... if anything, you can always go ukay-ukay (sp?)... I don't really know how to describe it, all I know is that you can get a lot of clothes for cheap. I think Mall of Asia is in the Philippines? Have fun and eat some Jollibee!
  11. Mall of Asia is in the Philippines. Supposedly its the biggest in all of Asia.

    On another note, I was in Japan for a 3 hour layover and I had so much fun just in the airport!
  12. imagine how it is outside the airport. :huh: FUN FUN FUN!!!
  13. ^^I can vouch for that! If you're into fashion, anime, video games, (or if you're my boyfriend, CARS!!) and weird fun stuff in general - consider it your own personal disneyland! :yahoo:

    All my filipino friends told me about that place and I looked it up - everything looks soooooo yummy! I guess its only there tho? I was hoping maybe there was one in Japan. Oh well, I still got to try Mos Burger! that was yum yum in the tum tum!
  14. Oh I know!!!! I was able to use whatever Japanese I learned in College and reading the signs was fun! Everone that worked at the airport looked HELLA young! Like they where strait out of high school!
  15. ooh have fun in the philippines!!!