im going to sound dumb

  1. but where do you buy balenciage
    is there like a boutique or something
    i feel so retarted but i want to go look at them
    to show my mom but i dont know where to take her haha

    i live in the dallas, texas area for anyone else who lives here can tell me specifics
  2. oh danggit and i spelled Balenciaga! wrong haha
  3. Where do you live? They are carried at some Neiman Marcus stores, Barneys, Saks, Bergdorf Goodman, and few a Nordstroms, and of course Balenciaga in NY. Most of us here have gotten the older seasoned bags from ebay. I am partial to the 05 leather but lots of gals love the new leathers. There is a thread here that has a list of stores that carry Balenciaga.

    Here is a link to the thread for places to get Balenciaga bags......
  4. thanks so much
  5. i live in dallas texas if that helps
  6. Barney's. I believe one just opened in Dallas, didn't it? Check your NM, they might have them. I know the Houston NM just started carrying them.

    Be sure to check the link that Deana posted above.
  7. i checked the link but there was nothing about texas :sad:
  8. You have to read the whole thread because stores were added all throughout the thread. Anyway, NM in Dallas carries them and I'm pretty sure there is a new Barney's there which will have them as well. :smile: Also, Saks in San Antonio and Mix and NM in Houston.
  9. thank you so much
    im so excited now :smile: :smile: