I'm going to Rio!!!!! Any advice appreciated!

  1. So I found out Friday, and confirmed today that I won an award at work. The prize is a week long all expense paid vacation with my SO in RIO DE JENEIRO!!!:yahoo: :wlae: :yahoo:

    I dont know any details yet, ie where we're staying, itenerary etc but one thing I keep hearing about Rio is that it can be very dangerous. If anyone here has any pointers for me for how to stay safe, what do do, what not to do, what to see, shopping etc... I would love to hear your advice

    Too bad I wont be ther for Carnival. Trip is May 5th.....just enough time to get into bikini shape :push:
  2. I have traveled extensively in Brazil....I have been to Rio approximately 10x....what would you like to know???
  3. Congratulations!!! Bart has been to Rio before, and he said it is absolutely beautiful. He has clients in Rio and in Sao Paolo and travels to Brazil 2 or 3 times per year.

    He has showed me some pictures from when he was there, and it looks really nice. The hotel he stayed at was near the beach so he took lots of pictures of the water and the mountains in the surrounding area. :smile:

    Hope that you have a great time!! :biggrin:
  4. Ooohh I envy you. I've always wanted to go to Brazil. Hope you have a fantastic time!
  5. I think it is safe enough, if you are smart. Like any big city, be aware of your surroundings and don't walk alone/as a couple in a secluded area late at night.

    Some fun things to do: take the cable car to Pao de Azucar, go up to see the statute of Christ (O Redentor), go to see the Emperor's summer home outside of Rio. Also, there is a nice island to the south of Rio called Ilha Grande. I think it was two hours by bus and then you take a ferry to the island. That was nice.
  6. OMG, Congrats!!! Rio is incredible.. and youre going at a great time of year... many many incredible beaches with people wearing a little bit of clothes.. Im going in June and actually started my Brazilian Wax thread (see the Beauty Bar) because of that trip, lol.. ok TMI

    I plan on seeing Sugar Loaf Mountain and just slumming on the sand...
  7. No advice, but congrats! Have a great time!