Im going to Phoenix.. any shopping ideas?

  1. Hey Gals, im off to phoenix arizona next month, wanted to know if there are any good shopping areas or malls! or even outlets!! I need a new purse and wallet!
  2. You should definitely hit Scottsdale's Fashion Square! Scottsdale is about 10-15 mins car ride from Phx. You'll LOVE all the stores there, including the big LV store on the ground floor! :lol:
  3. Ooohh.. i love seeing all th LV stores!
    Thanks so much!
  4. Fashion Square is a must go to! They have great shopping! But I live in Tucson so in comparison we have nothing! Seriously though, they have almost all designers & Tiffanys & such. Have fun! It is already in the 90's so bring warm clothes!
  5. liyah....I live right outside Phoenix, abt 10 min's away!!! Like prev posters have said, Scotts Fash Sq is a must. They have LV, Gucci, Tiffany's, NM, etc. Also go to Biltmore Fashion Park. Awesome shopping too w/ a Saks and other cute chic boutiques. You can go to Kierland Commons which contains some cute chic boutiques as well. Visit Mahsa in Kierland Commons. That's a great store for clothes and unique bags. I'll try to think of some more places! How long are you staying?
  6. Fashion Square and Bitlmore Fashion Park are really nice. Yeah, I live outside the PHX area too and it's getting WARM!!!! Have a great time, PHX is great, I love living out here.
  7. Thanks for info on Fashion Square & Fashion Park. =)
    I was in Tucson for work recently and wanted to check out their local shopping centers (only been to Park Place). I would love to visit Fashion Square when I'm in Tucson again (soon). It's 2-3 hours from TUS (Tucson Airport) so I really have to make some arrangement (5 hours of driving from/to airport is a bit tiring). Is there another airport that's not too far from Fashion Square?
  8. Yep, Phoenix International. It's pretty close. I'm assuming you're traveling commerically. If you were flying a private jet or a smaller puddlehopper, you could fly into Scottsdale Air Park. That's real close!
  9. bag.lover too bad you only got to expierence park place while in the area. Our malls are not the best. There are a lot of great little boutiques scatteredrandomly throughout the city though!
  10. Jasanna143 & Yhassan: Thanks for replying. -) I went to Tucson several times for work, my trips would have been so much better if I inquired beforehand. Will definitely make arrangements to visit Scottsdale the next time I'm there, so glad to be able to fly out of Phoenix International Airport. =)

    Yhassan: Can you recommend some boutiques in Tucson? Do they close early (like 6)? I would love to visit some of them in the evening. Thanks. =)
  11. La encantada is our new upscale mall in the foothills. It is still new so it is not a huge mall but there are some really cute little stores. They do close at 6 or 7 I believe on the weekdays but until 9 on weekends. St Philips plaza is really nice for dress shops & there is a nice salon there. That's Campbell & River. Blue Willow on Campbell is a resturant & a store with random like nick nacks. I believe they may close early as well. Hmm there are so many more so let me know what you are looking for & I'm sure I can think of more!
  12. No prob! Just like another poster said, there are so many other boutiques scattered throughout the valley and Tucson, it's hard to narrow down some neat places besides the major ones! PM me when you think you'll be heading to Scottsdale and I'll give you some more places! ;)
  13. Yhassan & Jasanna143, thank you. Will PM you later. -)
  14. jasanna143 thanks so much for all the info!! i am staying about 5 days, husband has a conf, and my 3 month old and i are going to hit the mall!!! i hope she doesnt get too cranky with the heat! thanks for all the info, now, next on my list is restaurants..!
  15. Ugh! Yea, the heat. Just make sure to keep yourself and your lil' one well hydrated! Everyone around here carries water bottles wherever they go. It's the norm. Anyway, as far as restaurants, for what kind of cuisine do you want to try?? I'll rustle up some names for you.