I'm Going To Pay For the Fall Collection by...

  1. We have all witnessed the frenzy that is Handbglvr's awesome catalog sneak-peek thread, and now we have to think about how we're going to pay for these bags, or "you're going to have some 'splaining to do, Lucy!"

    Ok, so here's how this thread goes:

    I'm going to pay for my new (Insert Name of Bag here) by:

    Here's mine:

    I'm going to pay for my new legacy leather bag by donating blood, possibly a kidney, washing cars, mowing lawns and selling spiked lemonade in my neighborhood.:nuts:

    Who's next?
  2. I'm going to pay for my new Chelsea satchel by......well, can't really say that here.....:graucho:........:p

  3. :lol::feminist:
  4. donating kidneys.... they pay you for that???? :choochoo:
  5. You might need some spiked lemonade for your plan, Spoiled, and I can give you the tpf discount!:yahoo:
  6. I'm going to fund a new (ummm... which one do I want.... Chelsea satchel, patent tote or both...) by promising certain favors to my hubby! ;)

    WHAT!? I meant like washing the car, polishing his shoes, changing the oil on his tractor.... Geesh!
  7. Sweet!! I'll put in my order later!!:lol:
  8. I'm going to get a new boyfriend or find a man to marry!! My boyfriend doesn't buy me anything :crybaby:
  9. That's what I need. :graucho: My birthday is also coming up, so I can ask for giftcards! :yahoo:
  10. I think I've found a way to finance my addiction:

    I'm going to invent a combination remote control/beer retrieval device, patent the invention, sell it thru commercials that run on ESPN, and use a portion of the profits to finance an ongoing shopping spreee...

    Now, where did I put the number for that patent attorney....
  11. ^^Good idea, Indigo!^^

    My sissies birthday is July 6th and she is trying to get enough in GC's to get a Carly!

    Hmmm...in answer to T-mama's original question, and you DO have some good ideas, I am just going to put my loose change in my coffee can.
    I cashed it out today and got $27!
    Errr, wait a minute...I'll need a LOT of loose change for the fall bags! That $27 can buy a key chain, though! LOL!
  12. Cool. I'm gonna get a Carly this weekend with PCE and my birthday is July 3rd. :yahoo:
  13. I am going to pay for the 97983939 new bags I see that I reallllly want by....donating my unborn children (eggs). Okay...not really, I need those things! lol. But by begging my sweetie pie to buy them for me ;)
  14. Tejas, I can help you out with that patent! :roflmfao:

    I have two adjunct teaching jobs for fall that I usually get to finance bags!

  15. Heehee! This is too funny!

    I always think if I win the lottery, me and my TPF friends can go on a Coach shopping spree!
    That would be SO fun, but pretty much unrealistic!