I'm going to PATENT this REVEAL!! :)

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  1. Got the new patent leather willis in cherry! :smile: SO EXCITED! Can't do a drawn out reveal since I'm at work so I'm just going to post my pics and thank you for letting me share my excitement!!!!! :smile: :smile: I'm a sucker for patent leather and I LOVE this color!!!
    PatentWillis 001 (Small).jpg PatentWillis 002 (Small).jpg PatentWillis 003 (Small).jpg PatentWillis 004 (Small).jpg PatentWillis 005 (Small).jpg
  2. color is fab
  3. Pretty! Love the lining too!
  4. Wow Patent Crimson Red! CONGRATS!!!:nuts::yahoo:

    I saw the Willis patent in crimson red and cobalt at Coach. They are both stunning! I loved the crimson red the most. The 3 hangtags (leather, metal, tassel) adds a pop of color against the patent. I would suggest securing the hangtags since they tend to fall off with just the chain. The legacy stripe lining is amazing.
    What a perfect, no worries, handsfree crossbody!
  5. Congrats! Love the crimson color!
  6. Great color! and love the lining!
  7. That is gorgeous! Love the crimson patent...congrats!
  8. Great color. Congrats!
  9. Thanks, ladies!!! Taking her to work today and I'm SO EXCITED! Already got a compliment from the librarian!! (I'm a high school English teacher!) :smile: :smile:
  10. Gorgeous! I love this color of patent! Congrats! I love the hangtags on these bags, too!
  11. Great buy! Very chic. Enjoy her!
  12. Such a pretty colour! Congrats :smile:!
  13. Bag twins!! My SA let me buy it from the backroom with the PCE on Sunday :smile: I am a total sucker for patent and red bags, too. I've been waiting for this Willis to come out for a while now and was so excited she let me buy it early before it hits the floor in 2 weeks. It is so gorgeous in person and such a pop of color. Congrats and enjoy her!
  14. Love the color, and just a pop of blue hangtag too. Can't go wrong with legacy stripes. Beautiful bag. Enjoy her.
  15. So cute! What a great color and I love the contrasting hangtags and tassel. I am a sucker for smooth patent too!