I'm going to Paris this summer

  1. I've heard talk of a tax refund for tourists. I was wondering how this works- I heard you had to drop some forms off at the airport, and then your refund would be mailed to you? I was just wondering how much this tax is, is it already built into the prices at vuitton.com for France, is there a limit on how much you can claim, and how long does it take to get it? Thanks!

    I'm so excited! I think I'm going to buy everything I'll need for a while of LV! If the tax is already built into the prices, it's already cheaper than the US!
  2. The tax is included in the price, it's 16 % I think. When you leave France you get a stamp on the form they give you and you send that form in. Then it takes about 2 months and you'll get credited on your CC. At least I think it was that long last year. Have fun in Paris :love:
  3. It actually takes about 3 months for the refund..Ive gone 2 years in a row to France,JUST MAKE SURE you get the tax refund forms STAMPED at the Airport or else its no good.Also-Bring your purchases as carryons to the airport as well..They often check them before stamping the refund to make sure they are legit

    You get about 10- 12 % back..dpends on the merchandise
  4. PARIS! you're so lucky! I just came back from there this December. I got my VAT back in cash but I bought my Speedy 30 in cash (because the exchange rate was better than charging). I don't know why it takes 3 months for a refund ... but when you buy your products make sure to tell them you need to get VAT back and have your passport on hand. Then, they'll do all the paperwork in the back for you and just give you the papers :yes: i think i got 12% back on my speedy. at the airport, have your products and paperwork ready at the customs booths before you check in! HAVE FUN!!!! you'll love it there! i wish i bought more ...:rolleyes:
  5. take me???
  6. Aww I wish.;) I'm going with my school, and I was going to pick up a lot considering that it's like 20-30% off of the prices here, but I dont know if I can take ALL of it as a carry-on. Maybe if I pack lightly on the way there, I can just change my duffle to the keepall and put all of my purchases in that? Hmm, I'm still wondering if there is a limit; I was planning on spending about 1.5-2k? Anyways, to all of you people who have been before, do they need to see EVERYTHING, and is there a limit on it? Thanks so much!
  7. i think there is a limit of around 2-3 items per boutique? but then you can buy from another boutique again i think?:shrugs:
  8. Just remember that when you come back to the U.S. you have to declare your purchases. You can bring back $800 duty free. Any more than that, and you're supposed to pay duty on it here in the U.S.
  9. You will absolutely LOVE paris! I had the time of my life there..
    I feel like going right now to tell you the truth, get away from all the crap thats going on in my life lol..
    Have fun!.. and take me too!
  10. Darn, I was hoping there wouldnt be a limit. I can still buy the other stuff there though because its still cheaper!
  11. Aww I'm sorry. I can't take you but I promise that I will post pictures from my time there! I'm so excited- I'm going to Italy too. This is only my second time in Europe- the first time I went to Dublin, Ireland on a leadership conference
  12. Lucky you! I love, love Paris, and can't wait to return. I got my first LV in Paris, and 30% off the retail price here in NZ to boot (after VAT refund). It's my favourite souvenir of Paris.

    You'll have a wonderful time.
  13. hiyas... you can always get it as cash.. the tax refund.. ( its 12%) and what you do is when u make your purchases state you would like it back as cash, and then when u are in the airport customs stamp it then u go to the AMEX desk and they will give u cash for all your purchases...its really quite a organised system