I'm going to Paris!!! I'm so excited!!!

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  1. Hi everyone! I'm so excited, I'm going to Paris this weekend. Does anyone know the perfect place to buy Balenciaga bags? I mean the place that has complete selection of Bbags. And does anyone know the consignment store that carrying Bbags in Paris? Thanks. :tup:

    Sorry, already know the stores in Paris that has Bbags. I found it in Balenciaga Shopping. But still the question, which one is he best place to buy? Because I only have 1 day to shopping. 2nd and 3rd day I want to spend in Disneyland and sight seeing/landmark. Anyone can help me? Thanks.
  2. the printemps haussmann department store has two balenciaga shops one on the second floor with only bags and wallets. another on the third floor with shoes, clothes and some RH and many GH bags. the subway line 9 or 3 takes you there, the station is : havre caumartin. you get out of the subway and you are right in front of the printemps. this is the best place for new b bags, they've got so many of them.
    another place is the big balenciaga shop 10 avenue George V
    you can get there by the subway line 9 too. the station is : Alma marceau, you get out by the exit named avenue montaigne. and you are near the avenue george V then you continue about 200m and you are there.
    they've got many of the 08 bags.
    have fun shopping in paris.
    for the consignment store, i don't know much about them.
  3. Foreign passport holders can get a 10% discount card for use in Printemps - see here to print out the voucher: http://departmentstoreparis.printemps.com/services/discount/index.aspx

    My favourite consignment store when I lived in France used to be Réciproque. It has a huge stock of wonderful women's clothes, plus several smaller shops devoted to men's clothes, accessories, etc. I know they had a website but I'm afraid I can't find it. Instead, here's an article from an English newspaper site about the store. They also mention others, some of which I've also visited before: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/travel/europe/france/paris/731470/Paris-Second-hand,-first-class.html

    Happy hunting!
  4. Wow, thank you delmilano & Suku! Both of you are very helpful.
  5. Enjoy your trip!! ... and hope you find the Bbag you want :graucho:
  6. You're very welcome, Miss_av. Please let us know what fabulous bag you end up with! :smile:
  7. Have a wonderful time and I hope you find a gorgeous bag.
  8. LOL! You got me all excited too! Wish I'm going Paris too... GL and have loads of fun! :smile:
  9. Thank you Jira, tatertot, and janechin76! Hopefully I can find my 2nd bbag.
  10. how much is the Giant City & City w Reg Hardware in Paris???