I'm going to Orlando/Miami!!! and have a few questions!


Jan 8, 2006
Jetting the world
I am going to Orlando/Miami! I am sooooooo excited! :nuts:

ok. questions:

how's the weather like over there? I am going to be there from 17th to 24th. what kind of clothings should i bring? im currently in seattle and winter can get a little cold over here..

So when im in orlando, im going to go to disneyland.. but is there anything else to check out in orlando? i have about a day (or less) if i wanna check out orlando otherwise, im going to drive straight to miami.

then.. what is there that I cant miss while in miami?? i dont know where to go yet.. is it warm enough to hang out at the beach all day??? is the everglades park worth a visit?

thanks for any help ladies!


Nov 19, 2006
You are soo lucky! I've been to Orlando/Miama lots of times but not in December. I did go at thanksgiving and to me the weather was the best. It was still hot but of course not like the times we've been in July/August. I'm in my forties with two kids so the places we go you might not like but we always drive over to Downtown disney and Pleasure Island for some shopping. We also have checked out Florida mall and the other malls but that might not be what you want to do on vacation. Of course we visit the theme parks. In Miami we always spend a day at south beach and one time went to Miami Zoo, That was awesome. Miami will be even warmer. Before we got to Miami we stopped @ West Palm Beach, worth ave where the shops are to die for - Chanel, LV, Neimans etc. Have a great time!


C'est la vie!
Sep 20, 2007
Wellington, FL
I'm going in orlando the 19-23!!! But I live right in the middle of Orlando and Miami lol. Here in West Palm its like 79 average every day, but in orlando its usually about 10 degrees cooler. Last year we went dec. 3 and it was 32 in the morning up there!!! yikes!!! So be prepared, nice short sleeve shirts, a couple pairs of jeans and some capris and you'll be ok. Just dont forget to bring a sweater just in case.
When you're in Orlando, theres plenty of things to do. International drive has a lot of rests. and tourists attractions, which is closer to the Universal parks.
There's downtown disney which has Pleasure Island, with clubs if you're going to be there at night, and Cirque Du Soleil the circus/acrobat show which is a must see.
And I have to agree with Lorebunde, the shops on Worth Ave. are worth a quick hop off the interstate.

Hope you have fun!!!!
This website gives plenty of ideas of things to do in Orlando.