Im going to New York City for the First know what that means ;)

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  1. Im so excited. Im taking my SO to New York for his 39th birthday. Niether of us have been so I know he's going to be thrilled. Were going just before the Independance Day Long weekend (we'll be there for our Canada Day long weekend). Im thinking that the first of the Bal Fall 08 collection should be out by then so Bal NY here I come!!!!! Im going to just walk in with the utmost confidence and not worry about the rumors of snooty SA's.

    I know its a long way away but time goes so fast it will be here before I know it!!

    PS. If any of you New Yorkers can recommend the best areas and/or hotel to stay in, with a moderate budget it would be very helpfull. Im thinking the W Hotel - the court but not sure
  2. Oh... reading the stories of several PFers going to NY, makes me dream of a new trip... soon!
    Enjoy it!
  3. I don't find BalNY intimidating at all and all of the SA's have always been super nice to me... so I'm sure you will have a great time!
  4. Special.. Have fun going!! I'm heading out there in late June as well... I heard to be sure to bring comfy walking shoes.
  5. Ooooh, have fun SpecialK and Oooogie! I live across the bridge in NJ and have yet to set foot in BalNY. Wear comfy shoes and be ready to eat the best Pizza & Bagels that NY has to offer! ( I lived in the City up until I was 16);)
  6. You'll love it! It is a great city with lots to do, not to mention a shopper's dream :smile:. Have fun!!!
  7. Lucky girl! It will be so nice to get to choose your own bag. I hope you and your SO have a fabulous time! You'll see, the magic day will come fast enough. Time flies so fassst!
  8. I'm off to NYC as well in May, our Canadian Victoria weekend. Can anyone tell me where to find Balenciaga. I'm new to BBag. Thank you.!
  9. nyc is amazing wild place! you'll love it! and Bal will only make it better.
  10. Sounds like a fun trip! Do be sure to let us know what you find at BalNY! Take some pics with your cell phone if you can because we want to see the new Fall colors.
  11. Wow!! What a wonderful birthday gift for your SO!!! And to NY!! I am so jealous!!! That is one of my ultimate places to visit!! Enjoy NY!!! Especially BalNY!! Hehe
  12. YAY! A trip to the "mothership"! LOL! That's going to be so much fun for you and your SO!
  13. If you stay at the W New York, you can WALK to Saks~ they don't carry bbags tho....also nearby is Louboutin Madison, BG, Barneys, and Nobu!
  14. Oooooooooo fun fun fun! You must tell us all about it!