I'm going to New York and Miami!! Advice please!

  1. I'm off on holiday to the United States so I would love some advice and hints and tips from my American cousins on TPF or just anyone who has been to/lives in Ny, Miami or Key West.

    I have my hotels sorted but would particularly like ideas of good places to eat and where I should go sight see. Of course I have my lonely planet book but I always think local knowledge is a good thing!

    I leave in about two weeks and go to NY for 4 nights. We (my BF is coming too) are staying right near Times Square. As I said recommendations for eats would be great and where should I go sightsee when there? Also I would love to know about shopping - I want to check out Century 21 as I have heard that it has great designer stuff at discount- do you NY girls think it is worth a visit? i would love to go vintage clothes shopping too - where are the best vintage shops? Sadly I won't be able to make any big bag purchases having already abused my credit card !

    Then i'm off to Miami for 6 nights and Key West for 4 nights so anyone from these places please advise! I am staying in South Beach on Ocean Drive so again restaurants and things to go see would be good.

    Also the weather - I assume NY will be a little chilly at the end of October but will Miami be really hot or just a bit hot? Thank you all so much in advance for you help and suggestions - I am very excited!!!! I just love to visit America!:lol:
  2. Okay so maybe I shouldn't have posted this while you guys in the states are asleep - I forgot about the time difference!
  3. Don't eat near Times Square ... very touristy, big chains with inflated prices....

    Cheaper ethnic food along 9th Ave between 42nd and 50th, or near NYU.

    Inexpensive Japanese food on St. Mark's Place near Cooper Union (I believe this is 4th Street between 1st and 2nd, right around there).

    Korean town close to Macy's 34th St.

    Trendy (ie pricier) places in Meatpacking.

    Vintage shops near Orchard Street in Lower East Side and around 14th St.
  4. I love Wish restaurant in Miami....it's so beautiful at night with the white lights and umbrellas, and the food is divine. They also have tasty martinis with "light up" ice cubes in 'em...I know that's gimicky, but the drinks are really good! They also have a rooftop lounge that is very nice. Should be convenient for your hotel on Ocean Drive.

    I also like Jerry's Deli for casual food.....the menu is enormous...and I mean that literally....it's like 2 feet long!

    Lots of good restaurants and shopping to be had on Lincoln Road. Nothing heart-stopping, but good for a nice stroll and the people watching!

    I'll have to think about NYC more..there's just way too much to choose from there!
  5. In Miami, there's some cute romantic restaurants on Espanola Way. Larios is Gloria Estefan's restaurant if you want some cuban, but it's not as good as the food found in Little Havana. I read somewhere that the Tide hotel has a unique popsicle martini that is famous. And Sushi Samba on Lincoln has great atmosphere. Sushi Rock Cafe on Collins is always consistently good.

    I always have to get a sandwich or salad at this little outdoor place call La Sandwicherie, off Collins behind the gas station on 14th. Very authentic french, amazingly fresh and very yummy.
  6. In NY my favorite restaurants are Angelo's in Little Italy for delicious Italian food, Baltazar for the yummiest french fries, Dallas BBQ in the village by NYU soo good delicious pina colada's & bbq very cheap..these are my favorite places to eat & I LOve to eat!!

    For Cheap vintage...i shouldn't even be writing this..you have to go to Williamsburg Brooklyn, you take the L train or a cab is probabaly very cheap bc its rite over the bridge & go to Deacons Closet! ITs Insanity! I cannot even get into the amazing things I have gotten there for pennies! And there are other great, more expensive stores/cafes in the area too.. very fun. Oh there's a great restaurant there called Sea..Thai food and fun place yummy drinks!!!delicious food. Or just have bagels... they are so good there the best i have had(go to the bagel shop on/around N4th street & bedford ave) If you also go on the weekend the have people selling their stuff on the street..sometimes you find REally great stuff!

    In Ket West you Have to go this place i think its called "My blue heaven".... something like that...chickens are outside and they mill around you while you eat..OMG soooo good breakfast!!! pancakes are ubelieveable!!! its on a sidestreet.. its all locals there..you might have to really ask around for the address but sooo worth it!
  7. For NY go to Soho to "Reuel's" its a trendy spot in the city.
    Also go to "Asia de Cuba"!
    "Les Halles " on Park Ave and "Dos Caminos"
    for sushi go to "Yama" on Irving Place

    In Miami I like
    Barton G
    Forge steakhouse
    Prime 112