I'm going to LV store tomorrow

  1. Tomorrow I am going to the Beverly Center, and going to the Louis Vuitton store! I will go by myself, since I want to buy some gifts for mom's upcoming birthday! My brother usually goes with me but he is in school! Anyways, I think I might come home with that little guy! I might (most likely) buy the Groom cles! I think it is adorable! Hopefully something else I can get for my mom, and something else for me! Tell you tomorrow what I really bought!
  2. Awww how thoughtful:tender: Hope you come home with the ' little man':graucho: Enjoy your shopping tomorrow!;)
  3. Have fun! I personally don't like the SA's at the Beverly Center though, they're a LOT MORE snobby and standoff-ish than all the other SA's at other LV boutiques. I don't know why. :shrugs:
  4. Lee, I promised myself not buy anything until the Mirroir line, and now that I keep seeing everyone's purchases, I have to have it! I am actually scared, for tomorrow! I wonder what will I buy!
  5. I was supposed to get the wallet only but bought the Cles and Agenda as well:Push: .....don't be scared....the 'little guy' is soooo worth it:graucho: But go with your heart and wallet.:yes: