I'm going to LV on Monday...

  1. ...and I'm thinking of printing the pic of the Miroir Lockit to show my SA so that she's more assured that it'll be coming out (and consider starting an actual list). I may also mention that a few of my "friends" have received 100% confirmation that the lockit will be coming out.

    Right now, I'm unsure if I want to do this though because some members here may be greatly opposed to it. Of course if she asks where I saw the picture I'll just say I got it passed to me from a series of "friends"!

    I definitely want to check with you guys first before doing anything! So,

    Good idea or bad idea?

    Thanks all! :flowers:
  2. I think its good idea!!
  3. I've never seen a picture of it.....can you post it here?

    I think it's also a good idea, most SA's are clueless.
  4. Can't you say the pic came from Karen Kooper? I thought that's where it originated.
  5. hmmm... I think it's okie... SAs shouldn't be too nosy, or mine isn't, if a customer hints that it's from a "friend" they should not question you any further:yes:
  6. I personally think it's a good idea. I was bugging my SA forever. And he finally called me and asked me what color I wanted. He told me that he just found out and that others have been bugging other SA's too. I mean, it's not like someone can't just sign up and find out about it. You just google mirior lockit and it takes you to a few threads on here already. Plus, my other SA already knows about TPF anyways. When I bugged her about it in the beginning, she insisted that they didn't release it. So she asked if I heard it on TPF. I told her that I just heard it from a reliable source and she caved in LOL.
  7. Here ya go
  8. Usually if my SA ask's how I know so much I just say a friend in the US heard or I read it on the net somewhere. I take runway pics to show them but this is Karen's pic so you may be better asking her how she feel's about you taking the pic to the store you don't want her to get in trouble with LV corporate.
  9. good idea

  10. Good idea Claire! I'm going to email her right now.
  11. great let us know what she say's
  12. Your SA should be willing to open a "theoretical waitlist" even if she's not sure- or you could ask the store manager to start a list for you.
  13. It's funny to me that the public knows more than the SA's do.
  14. What a great idea. Tell us how you went.
  15. ITA! Karen is sweet though and I don't think she will mind but you should always ask first, out of respect. But, if she didn't want people to see these pics it would not have made it here (tPF), that I am certain! :yes: