I'm going to kill my husband!

  1. ok, he "chews" (gross). so i walk in the house and what do i see? a freakin cup of SPIT spilled on my purse. just got it a few weeks ago! (black sig duffle). nasty!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. ackkkk! Time for him to whip out the cash.
  3. :yucky: I see two new rules in your house: 1) no more chewing; 2) he who ruins a bag replaces it!
  4. I'd make hom replace it! Sorry:wtf:
  5. :wtf: Sorry to hear! Everyone in my house knows better than to go anywhere NEAR my bags!!
  6. That's horrible!

    My hubby would so be buying another, plus another for pain and suffering!
  7. My husband wouldn't even know I was buying another but would realize it when it came through the door!
  8. AWW i would be soo mad!!! you can buy the new coach cleanser thing for $10 i heard it works really well, i bought one but havent used it yet.
  9. :yes: That's the best angle I've heard in a while! Another bag for the pain and suffering! :lol:
  10. ahhh! i would be so pissed off! I would def. make him replace it.
  11. if you killed him, we'd all understand and support you in a temporary insanity plea...
  12. Sounds like someone needs a new hubby.....:yes:
  13. :throwup: :throwup:
  14. Time to go shopping for a new purse. :yes:
  15. Omg. He should def get you a new bag.