I'm going to head down to LV/Holt today!

  1. I just gave them a call and they have the mirage bandeau in stock! :nuts::yahoo:

    I'm going to head down with my Hermes Evelyne and hopefully they will look good together!

    I'll also check out some Marc Jacobs bags while I'm at Holt. :graucho:
  2. yay! have fun!
  3. buy me a damier grimaud wille you are there;)
  4. Have a great time...can't wait to see what you bring back!
  5. yay!!! I hope it looks good with yoour H evelynne arnott!!!

    I just bought my first marc jacobs bag too, it should be here next week!!!

    hey, can you check out the trevi for me. LOL.
  6. How exciting! :nuts:

    Have fun and don't forget to post pictures of what you buy when you get back.
  7. Which one?! :nuts:
  8. I wonder if they have the black neo cabby as well! I didn't ask about that!
  9. they had this the last time I went down to LV (3 weeks ago)

  10. white banana hobo :tup:
  11. Oooh, post lots of pics when u get back.
  12. wow nice!! hope you come home a happy camper!
  13. hope to see pics when you get back!
  14. hehe, I'm going tomorrow to get mine! I have one on hold at Yorkdale. Will pick it up after the 'Toronto Meet' meeting. Can't wait. It's $130 and I'm going to use my $100 gift card from PSN to pay for it. I still can't believe it's only going to cost me 30 bucks!
  15. Aww I forgot to ask last time I was in LV, hopefully they will have some left for me to have a nosey at when I next go.
    Have fun!