I'm going to have to pass....for now (a little long)

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  1. My SA called me today to let me know the onatah in white will be released on tuesday. I told her I have to pass for now as I'm leaving my job for a new one. I'd have to wait until I get my second paycheck. I told her to keep me on the list for the neverfull and sophie as I can definitely buy those. Hubby felt bad and said he'd buy me something today if we make it to LV. I told him that it'll have to be small since we just bought my new car. I'm a little bummed and I'm looking forward to the summer releases.
  2. I'm sorry that you had to pass up the Onatah. Hugs! I hope that things are better for you soon! (and that the Onatah will still be there for you when you can get it!)
  3. thanks! things are better. better job, better commute, and better pay. can't justify spending on the onatah right now until i get paid from my new job.
  4. ah girl i feel you. am in the same boat *hugs* here's to us and better jobs :smile:
  5. im sure the better job will let you buy more LVs in the future. hugs
  6. Awww... sorry to hear you had to pass on the white Onatah! :sad:

    But like LVDreamer stated, I'm sure there will be one waiting just for you when you have the $ saved up. ;)
  7. Sorry to hear that!
  8. Thanks guys for the kind words. :smile: No worries. Went in to the LV store at Valley Fair to shop and saw the Onatah in person (finally) and was on the fence about it. It wasn't bright white, it was more off-white, the strap is a little lighter than the brown on my aubergine onatah. I have a little more time to think about it. Found out that the Neverfull will be released in early june. I planning buying the MM for mommy and GM for me. :smile: