I'm going to have my first car! Happy, but scared a bit.

  1. My BF just told me that he has a present for me, he ordered a new 3 doors Mitsubishi Colt for me! He knew that I wanted a car for a lot time, so he decided to make me a surprise! :yahoo::yahoo:It should arrive in 1-2 weeks.
    I cannot say Colt was my No1 dream car, but it was one of the options I was thinking about, as it's cute, affordable, very popular here, plus it's my very first car, so I don't need something expensive, right? (plus, it's a present!:yahoo:).
    The thing is, that together with being happy, I'm very scared. I passed my driving license a year ago, so I don't even remember how to do it, plus the traffic in Kiev is very intense, really terrifying. I have a friend, he is a driver in our company, he said he will teach me as much as I need, first out of city, then within the city, but I'm still scared.:sad:
    When you guys started to drive, how much time it took you to feel really comfortable and not scared?
  2. Wow, you are lucky!! You should book yourself in for a refresher course, just a few lessons! You will be fine!
    Enjoy your new car!!x
  3. Wow!!
  4. OOh, congrats! I agree with the refresher course - lessons and it's so awesome your friend is going to teach you.

    I suppose the time it takes before you get comfortable is different for everyone - you also have to remember that you have to get used to your car - not the one you practiced in as every car feels and drives differently :yes:

    Again....congrats! :yahoo:
  5. oooo..congrats! What a gift!

    Don't be scared...it' only intimidating for a short while. Once you get to drive to all the cool places that other people had to drive you to, you will want to drive more!
    It only took about 2-3 weeks for me to totally get into driving on my own!

    Good luck to you!
  6. Wow, congratulations!!! That is an incredible gift from your boyfriend! :woohoo:

    Just take your time until you feel comfortable to drive in the city, and take it small steps at a time. The first time I drove after getting my license, I was afraid to go over 20 MPH! I felt so shakey and nervous, I could barely make it to the gas station down the street, but I was about 16 at the time. It probably took me several months until I was confident, and it definitely takes some practice to drive comfortably, so give yourself time. Everyone is different. Best wishes and congrats again!!! Sounds like a great car.
  7. Awesome gift! you'll be fine..i was only 15 when i learned how to drive (waaayy to young) and i did fine..esp since i live in houston, where road rage is common!
  8. Thanks to averyone for nice words! Wow, all of you started to drive so young! I heard it helps to start as young as possible, I'm 24 now, I hope I'll do it, actually I have many girlfriends who drive and I suppose if they could, I'll be able too. I'm omostly afraid of traffic here. too many cars and drivers behave terribly on roads, you should be very careful.
  9. Congratulations, enjoy yourself , remember that you have the skills to pass your driving test & that was probably the hardest part of driving :smile:
    If you relax it will be a lot easier & a whole lot more fun when you are behind the wheel. Have fun !!
  10. you could go around a few neighborhoods or parking lots to refresh your memory.
    once you get comfortable with the maneuvers of the car & the feel of your new car, you could go on some less busy roads and you'll be fine :smile:
  11. do you learn to drive later over there?
    Here most people start learning around 15 and get their license around 16.
  12. Well, here most of people start to learn when they have the possibility to get a car, so it really depends. Lets say, among my girl friends, 20-somethings, majority do not drive, as neither they nor their parents have cars.
    And in general you pass it later, the legal age to obtain driving license is 18 here. At 16 you can drive only scooter or something like that.

  13. oo okay :smile: its interesting to see how different cultures are
  14. In the U.S. in some major cities, a lot of people don't know how to drive, because they have no need for a car and take public transportation.

    I think the driving age is a little too young here, though. Seventeen or 18 would probably be better. Looking back, kids at 16 just seem too immature.
  15. I'm kinda in the same boat at the moment, I just passed my test so I'm having to start driving by myself and it's so weird not having anyone in the car! It's hard not having anyone there to say "stop" or to guide you when you reverse haha. I feel my driving like yours is a lot more scary when I'm on my own, so I'm forcing myself to drive somewhere new everday to build up my confidence, cos at the moment I feel like my drivings a bit shaky.

    You will get there I'm sure, and like the other girls suggested, maybe some refresher lessons might help you get back into the swing of things? Just keep thinking about that lovely car your going to be driving and it will make you want to do it even more :smile: