I'm going to have a Coach mug made...help me out!

  1. After reading on here yesterday about the Coach mug that they give out in Japan, and someone mentioning that we could have our own made, I remembered I have a $30 credit towards merchandise through my kodak gallery site for buying my camera there. So I am going to make one!!!
    So.....I am in need of the BEST Coach logo EVER to put on my mug!!! I was thinking about putting the lily on there since that's the only way DH would ever let me own that one....lol....on a mug....but I think I want a logo...or some C's!
    If you are bored and have a good one, post it here for me to see and choose, ok?

    THANKS!!!!!! :nuts:
  2. oohhh cute idea! I like the idea of a coach logo or legacy stripes!!! A logo would be cool though! :tup:
  3. That'll be cute!
    I will put a tatersall or legacy or this scarf.
    Good luck! Let us know what you decided and don't forget to post pics! :smile:
  4. Somebody on here, months ago, made another member a travel mug with the legacy stripes. Can't remember who but that mug was AWESOME!! I think a legacy stripe mug would be so cool :nuts:
  5. ^^ I saw that one. I believed she has the starbucks travel cup (not really sure) she cut and inserted the coach legacy shopping bag stripes. It's cute!
  6. That was a cute mug, it was done with the Legacy stripes. I think it was PyAri who had it, maybe you could find pictures now that the search is working again!
  7. OMG, I'm so glad you liked that idea! Since I wrote that, I've been thinking what patterns I would put on a mug!

    Just last week, I had been making my own stationery to do some Coach organizing, and scanned some actual scarves and a paper legacy bag - I like them because they are real and wanted the textures in them! The Tattersall is a little wonky as it scanned a little diagonally, but I still like it. Here is a pic of my Lily, but I am realizing the brass hangtag is flipped over!

    Oh, I was just now talking to my husband and he said that copyright may be an issue. He said that when he ordered our mugs, it specifically said they wouldn't do copywritten stuff. . . ugh. Maybe a picture of an actual item is OK??? (Hmmm. . . )

    I am excited to see what you end up doing! (I hope whatever you pick they will do, too!)
    Lily 002.jpg Multi Signature.JPG Legacy Stripe.JPG Tattersall.JPG Heart Scarf.JPG
  8. i believe you alter a copyrighted item (ie make it your own with your name, logo etc etc) it should be ok...but if you try to make it excatly like the coach mugs from the coach store then that might not be so good...exp if you try to sell it

    but since you have no intent to sell them for a profit and you are just benefitting yourself...it should be fine!!

    Sounds like a SUPER cute idea! :smile: I think it would be cute if you put Mazie May's Coach Obsession or something of the nature on the legacy stripes!! :smile: ohhhh i wanna see pics asap! :smile:
  9. OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I think I LOVE the Bleecker Street scarf idea.....hmmmm......
    And I hadn't thought about the copyright issue...the last thing I want to do is spend time in the pokie for wanting a cute coffee cup....LOL!

    OR....the hearts scarf....a little Valentine's present for me! HAHA!!!!!

    Thanks for all the ideas so far!!! :smile:
  10. I think the Legacy stripes would look awesome.
  11. i love this idea....post pics when your done :smile: