I'm going to have a choice :) Ger le Tal / Ver Con


Which Bag LOL?

  1. Le Confident Verone

  2. Le Talenteaux geraniuj

  3. Both are great!

  4. Both suck! LOL

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  1. I wont see either in person for a week or so, but added a second bag to my request to view for PSN so they are bringing both of them in for me from Toronto -- there's one Le Talenteaux left in Geranium in Canada - and I like the look from pictures of the new Le Confident in Verone -- both Suhali bags ..

    Wow any input on them I love the Geranium colour but never seen it on the Le Tal in person, but I like the Le Tal --- but the Le Confident looks like a more practical frequent use bag to me and the colour looks multi-season -- but the Le Tal in Geranium looks knock you on your head gorgeous ....

    How will I chose? LOL

    TIA for any input :smile:
  2. Le Tal in any colour is :drool::drool::drool::drool::drool:!!! I really love that bag, the way it is so structured, like a treasure chest! Le Confident is cute, but some tpf'ers have had issues with its thickness (width-wise) and personally I think the front pocket makes it look too pouffy.
  3. Hard choices. I'm loving the Verone color in Suhali right now. Not much of a Geranium or anything red fan. I think it would look really nice on you, Vista. I 'm sure the others will give you their expert opinion in a moment.
  4. I love the Le Confident reminds me of my Cartoucherie. Or a more elegant version. I might add I don't mind the wider bottom. This bag just seems more practical for me.
  5. I love anything suhali! Get one, just let us know which one! Sorry I am not much help!
  6. I think you should get the Geranium Le Tal since the colour is discontinued and the Le Tal is more structured.
    Good luck with your decision, though I must admit that both bags are equally gorgeous :smile:
  7. I am not a fan of Suhali, but I recently saw the Le Confident and oh my, I want it! It's gorgeous! Tho personally I like it much more in the white.
    Oh btw the inside on the Le confident was quite spacious and the lining so pretty!

    Good luck with ur choice!
  8. Thanks for the input :smile: you can see why this is going to be a tough choice -- I was initially worried Le Confident was going to be too small, but its bulk sounds like it may be ok, I'm not a small person so for me that may be a good thing for me lol. Dang Geranium is gorgeous though -- let me fantasize for a moment that I can take them both home .... ahhhhh .. ok thats over with ... haha .. back to reality. It will be interesting to see what I think with them side by side.
  9. White is so pretty Spangle, I just think the Verone is a colour I will use more -- but it sure is hot in white, you are right!
  10. maybe I didn't give the verone a chance, I did have hold of the white one for about 15 mins! :love: In the end I told the SA to take it away as I just wanted it there and then!!! :hysteric:

    All I was thinking was oooh I need a white bag :graucho:
  11. Le Confident Verone.
  12. le Confident verone :smile:
  13. my vote goes to "both are great!"
    get both lol :graucho:
  14. How about le tal in verone? I love the structure of the le tal and verone is such a great color!
  15. Go for the Verone...I think it's such a hot color!