I'm going to Fort Lauderdale, please helt me out :)

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  1. Hi!

    My friends and I are going to Florida in April. We are four girl, and about 20 yrs old. As I am Swedish, I think I need a little help :smile:

    First of all, we will be coming from NY, and arrive April 22nd. We probably want to stay in Fort Lauderdale for a week. Is it best to fly to Miami och Fort Lauderdale?

    Where should we stay? Can you recommend any good hotels, or should we rent a beach house? We really don't want to pay that much for the rooms, but still want to live nice and safe. What do you think?

    And, what should we do? We are thinking about traveling a bit in Florida, but as we're only staying one week, it shouldn't be too far from Miami.

    I'd love it if you could help me out :smile:
  2. Go into Fort Lauderdale airport if Fort Lauderdale is where you'll be staying. Plan on staying in a hotel on/near the beach or on Las Olas Boulevard. Any beach house will be expensive but there are loads of small hotel/motel-type places on A1A (the beach road).
    What to do depends on what you like. There is the beach which should be nice in April, shopping on Las Olas, at the Galleria Mall or going up to Boca Raton (45 minutes North) or South to Miami. There is also the Sawgrass Mill Mall (large "discount" mall).
    You can go boating or fishing if you like outdoors on the ocean. Rent bikes, rent rollerblades. Take airboat rides in the Everglades. You will easily find lots to do in a week.