I'm going to cry... LV in Union Square San Francisco stole $300 from me!

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  1. My darling boyfriend bought me a Damier Small Agenda for my birthday in Feb. I told him I didn't want an agenda so returned it and got about $300 in store credit. That's what the agenda was worth.

    So this week, I told him I want to get a MC scarf with that store credit. So, being the sweetheart that he is, he went back to LV to get it for me. At LV, they told him he never returned the agenda, the recepit he has is for another customer, so he does not have the credit for $300. The SA that helped my boyfriend said he doesn't remember the transaction, and if they did the return they would have had typed up that information. That information is not in the system.

    So then, my boyfriend went to the manager. The manager went through the inventory and said that everything is correct on their end. He basically said "I'm sorry, but you don't have $300 credit." They were even hinting they he may have stolen the recepit.

    Why would he have that recepit, with the amount of the agenda being returned on it? I don't understand that! They made a mistake on their end, or maybe they took the returned agenda, and never input it into the system (and took it for themselves?)

    My boyfriend and I are devastated. It was a birthday present, and I don't even have anything. No agenda. No scarf. We lost our $300 credit. LV in Union Square did some scam on us, and I have no idea what to do right now.

    My boyfriend called the 800 number to see if they could do anything about it... but they will call the manager over in LV Union Square.

    If you are equally upset about this, please call 888-Vuitton and call on behalf of my boyfriend Jimmy To. I'm a TPFer and I love LV, but its unfair what happend. It's only a $298 and some odd cents credit. But it would mean a lot to us.
  2. I would follow up on escalating this through the 800#. I would also contact your local better business bureau. Does your city or county have a consumer protection agency. For example, where I live now, the county has a consumer protection department that follows up on such disputes. Where I used to live, the state attorney general had a consumer office that took care of complaints for the state.

    If he paid by credit card he would also have back up for his original purchase.
  3. Thanks for the information. I'll ask him when I get off work. We're both totally devasted.
  4. And he has called the 888-Vuitton number. They said they'll contact the manager over in LV Union Square to see what he will do. But Jimmy already went to LV in person and talked to the manager. The manager said that they have no information on the return, so they can't grant the store credit. Even though Jimmy has a receipt that says he has a return for $298. The problem with that recepit, is its a return on ANOTHER customer. Not on Jimmy's name. So they will not grant it. (And they hinted that he may have stolen that recepit!)
  5. sorry to hear .... that sucks .... if your bf paid by credit card i think you can ring your credit card company to stop payment on the transaction within 28 days after purchase ... hope this helps ... good luck i think LV should front up with the credit though ... is this the store that you normally shop with if not then take it to a LV that you are familiar with and make a complaint there
  6. I would definitely escalate this further. Does the return receipt reference the original purchase transaction? If so, you can prove that it was purchased by your boyfriend and it was an error on their part for putting the wrong customer's name for the return transaction.
  7. None of us can on all on anyones behalf as none of us were there. On a side note I would take this to a higher level and see what can be done. I would ask the higher up to confirm with the *OTHER* customer that they returned something on that same day. PErhaps your phone number and their is close together and it was mis typed into the system I know I have had issues going into/calling lv with a purchase because the sales person typed the number in wrong to start with now they have to search by name. If they are saying that another customer returned that agenda there will be a purchase for it as well (if that is the case)

    I would contact higher up and go from there.

  8. Thanks for all the info guys. I'm definitely going higher up!!!
  9. Let us know how it goes =/
  10. This ALMOST happened to me! The thing is the original transaction was probably in the wrong account too and they just directly did a refund into the wrong account that the purchase was made in. I realized this right after I got home and called my SA, thankfully she remembered and sorted it all out! Your boyfriend def. needs to check his credit/debit card history to see the record of the payment he made to LV and move on to higher authority with that proof..I know this sucks, but stay tough and dont give up, its your money! Good luck!:heart:
  11. that really sucks. what probably happened is that they accepted the return for the agenda but forgot to enter it in the system. plus, they processed the return receipt for another customer instead of your BF. so two bad mistakes on their part.

    and that's really strange that the return receipt had someone else's name on it. doesn't it go via the CC number (not phone number or anything like that?). also, did your BF not notice that someone else's name was on the return receipt when he got it?

    what I don't get is, how did the SA claim to know that your BF wasn't the person named in the return receipt? I mean if you have a return receipt, then isn't that all you need to purchase something?
  12. wow, that is so freaky that that happened! i'll definitely be on the lookout next time i return something.

    and CC/debit card history won't help here unfortunately. LV doesn't deny he purchased the agenda, they just deny he returned it. So basically what they're saying is that he bought it and didn't return it (still has it) and is trying to pretend he returned it to get some $$. (the nerve!) The whole claim lies on the fact that he *did* return the agenda, evidence of which is not available because 1) LV mistakenly processed the return of the agenda as one for _another_ customer (so the return receipt has another customers name), 2) none of the SAs remember the transaction and 3) they don't have record/inventory of the returned agenda for some reason.

    actually, that last part made me think: so i guess this other customer (named in the receipt) doesn't have a right to store credit either then? i mean, they say it's someone else's receipt that your BF stole, but technically that person can't claim any store credit to their name either, because LV claims that the returned agenda isn't in their system. But the return receipt for it exists. Therefore, that's proof that LV screwed up. :idea: The fact that they messed *that* up can be taken as indication to the notion that they could have easily messed up and processed the return for the wrong person and thus they should give your BF back his $$! :smile:
  13. So sorry to hear this.:flowers: I hope things work out for you, it's very scary to realise that something like this can happen.:tdown:
  14. I'm sorry this happened to you. I am always worried about something like this when I get an in store credit. I always wonder, "What if I returned the merchandis and there is some kind of error and I never really receive my credit?" I probably wouldn't know until I went back to use the credit. I've never actually heard of it happening........... Sorry. I hope LV makes this right.
  15. Ok so there are two things going on here: First LV is saying he did not return it, that the transaction never happened (according to the memory of the SA as well as their system) -- that the agenda was never returned. And second, they're also insinuating that the return receipt belongs to another customer.

    Those two statements contradict each other. They're acknowledging the return receipt IS valid but that its just not your BF's (but it happens to be a return receipt ALSO for a Damier Small Agenda?) How can the return receipt be valid and at the same time they say the return transaction never occurred? (That they don't have the agenda.)

    And isn't the return receipt linked to the original receipt? Does your bf still has the original receipt? They may have entered the wrong name or somehow screwed up when they issued the return receipt. But if the return receipt is linked to the original receipt, then the return transaction was clearly made by YOUR bf (and the credit belongs to him).

    I'm so sorry to hear you're going through this. This is just Fed up! Keep us posted and good luck!