im going to chicago help?

  1. ok so im going to waukegan il to see my mom but i need some help im going to take one day to go to the city and i want to know where to eat anyone ever go to superdawg i want a hotdog or pizza well hot dog cause im going to have pizza in waukegan but i may also hit a musium i want a good chicago0 style hotdog so let me know or any other good place to eat at im sory jordn closed his place i liked there food and i liked the place oprah had to so what new also it has to be kid friendly i have a 1 year old and a 3 year old both boys well thanks for the help
  2. Portillos has good hotdogs. it is on Clark and Ontario. If you happen to go to a ball game, they have the best hotdogs too.
  3. Portillos...yum. Definitely go there :tup: