I'm going to celine to put my name on the list

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  1. :love: :love: I am crazy about Celine Clandestine bag!! I'm going to put my name on the list for Large Blush Celine Clandestine bag.

    I saw the thread from soybean and Star and I'm ready!!! I've been on the verge of buying a BIG designer bag. I'm on pre order for Fendi B bag but now I'm considering canceling. since I won't get it till June.

    Well, actually maybe I could afford both if I'm really good.:idea: ;)

    I will update you all if I get on the list. You know how crazy it gets in NY.:worried: :biggrin:

    I will definitly post the pics once I get it.
  2. Great choice! What color are you getting?
  3. I'm definitly going for the BLUSH if it's available.:love:

    We will see.

    I've been reading other threads and some are saying the blush Large might not be available.:cry:

    We will see... I will report back to you all!
  4. Goodluck!
  5. Blush is not available, it was only for runway.
  6. Good luck!
  7. So I put myself on the list and I am 10th on the list. The NY Celine SA told me that there is only 5 being sent to this country. I Just can't believe they are only making 5 for USA.:sad2: SO I guess I'm not going to get it. The Sales lady said they called Paris about the runway BLUSH color and they are definitly not making it.

    She said 6 women all friends said they would buy the BLUSH color if they made it and they called and Celine in PARIS said no.

    Soooo I guess we will have to see.

    I still LOVE:love: that bag. There has to be a way!!!
  8. Which one of these is the bag, the shapes are different? I love them both!:love:

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  9. both. there's like three or four diff. sizes and styles. It is pretty huh! Love it! (droool)
  10. LOOOOOOOOVE it! I haven't being paying much attention since I've heard it was going to be really limited in release. Anyone have any deets?
  11. So They (Celine) only had the color off white and Caramel. I put Off White on hold.

    I hoping I will get it still. Silly Huh?!
  12. Based on the above picture I've now put my self on 2 list. In Beverly Hills and In NYC. I hoping to get the one on the left in Blush. they said they would make the one on the runway. We will see. Hmmmm!:nuts: :nuts: :love: :love: :love: :love: I can't wait.
  13. such a gorgeous bag!!
  14. I'm on the list for the Clandestine as well :biggrin: I'm not too sold on it, but I'm hoping that it'll cause me to fall in love upon first touch!
  15. Anyone knows how much the Clandestine is?

    I have a friend living in Paris, wonder if anyone from France can tell me how much it costs in France? Thank you!