**Im Going to Cabazon In 3 Weeks!**


which store?

  1. gucci

  2. coach

  3. something else that i missed..

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  1. I dont know what outlets are there!
    i there is a coach, and isnt there a gucci outlet too?

    help me decide which one to get a bag from!
  2. There's a Dior outlet also.
  3. I say get soemthing that you can get there that you can't get here!
    I don't think you should restrict yourself to one store/brand... I would look around and then evaluate!
  4. the Gucci never has anything good, the prices at Coach are pretty good, sometimes they have an extra 20% on everything, which is even better
  5. Make sure you go early because you will need all day to get around all the stores!
    Coach, Gucci, Off Saks, Burberry, Ralph Lauren, Juicy outlet, guess accessories....So many it's so much fun! I'm due for a trip there soon!
  6. ^ yay! but i can only get one thing from one store, and my mom says we have to go QUICK! i dont really like any of the other designers there :sad:
  7. Don't forget Tod's! And then there's Bottega...YSL...

    I think I need to make another visit to so cal soon!
  8. you could always check on the website:


    and u might also get some discount couponts. have fun:smile:
  9. i think there's a space (prada miu miu) outlet there. in three weeks there may be a sale on most items. have fun!
  10. In my experience:
    -YSL has the best staff, cute bags, and a great selection of shoes
    -there are some bags at Ferragamo, but they're still pretty pricey- great selection of shoes though
    -Bottega has some nice bags and rtw, but all of it is still expensive
    -Dior's SAs ignore you and their bag selection is paltry- decent selection of other accessories though
    -Gucci has quite a few shoes and rtw, but most of the bags are either unattractive surplus or expensive LE past-season bags
    -Coach is CRAZY- seriously long line to buy and packed from wall-to-wall with Asian tourists. There are Coach outlets everywhere so this one isn'tas special as the others.
    -Prada's selection of bags is very limited- the only ones I remember were past-season fur bags and a few raspberry nylon bags; it's mostly a rtw store
    -Burberry has decent prices on rtw but very few bags- plus it's a small store also packed with Asian tourists
    -the Off 5th is very well stocked- they had some great Coach shoes for under $100

    On a side note, the prices at True Religion are amazing! I should've stocked up becuase they won't ship :cursing:

    Have a great time!
  11. OOOH! im excited!
  12. true religion! yay! i am going to have so much fun! but we have a time deadline, so i can only go into 3 stores max! i cant wait though!
  13. I wish I had a good outlet near me. Ours is pretty ghetto.
  14. I was there a few weeks ago. At least at Tod's(if you are interested) you can put your name/contact info on a card if there is a certain bag you're interested in, and they will contact you if it comes to their store.
  15. gucci all the way but you might want to check out the other stores to hit up! happy shopping.