I'm going to buy my first chanel this week!

  1. Ok, so I've been saving up since December for my trip to Vegas this week. I've decided to buy my first Chanel. I've never considered it until recently and now I can't wait! DH said I can take out some extra money if what I have saved up isn't enough. I'm thinking of buying the GST, but I'm going in with an open mind. What do you guys suggest? Are the Chanel boutiques in Vegas very good? TIA
  2. I've heard vegas chanel are the best! I'm going to vegas to go buy some chanel stuff in may, have fun!!!!!!
  3. ohhh! sounds like fun!!!!!!
  4. yeah..the chanel store in vegas is awesome! The one at the wynn is so nice! there's also one at the bellagio and a small boutique in either Saks fifth or Neiman Marcus..i can't remember.
  5. congrats on your first bag!
    i think that the gst would be a fabulous bag!
  6. Early congrats on your first bag
  7. I went the the Chanel in the Bellagio a few weeks ago. It was my first time. Now that I got to see all the bags IRL i think i would of gotten the GST instead of the classic flap for my first Chanel.
  8. Have A Great Time In Vegas....Can't Wait To Hear All About It!!!;)
  9. congrats on your first bag
  10. congrats!! GST sounds like a great choice!!
  11. Which store is better, Wynn or Bellagio?
  12. You must be so excited! I would be--it's a big step, your first bag from a classic designer. Enjoy the entire experience--I hope you have a wonderful time and come home with a bag you love.:flowers:
  13. A GST is a great choice for your first Chanel! :yes:
    Soooo very exciting for you!:yahoo:
  14. Ohhh, how exciting!! :smile: I've been to the Chanel boutique at both the Bellagio and the Wynn... you'll have a great time I'm sure! Can't wait to see pics of the bag you end up with, have fun and win big haha :smile: Ohhh, and if you love chocolate, the best sundae ever is the warm brownie sundae at Ghirardelli's... I would fly there just for that haha (and I'm only half kidding)!

  15. i personally like the wynn...i thought there was more choices there when i went. much smaller than the one at the bellagio, but i prefer the wynn:smile: :smile: