Im going to buy an LV wallet this week

  1. Either a mono French Purse or mono Koala. I usually like longer wallets like the PTI but i think the PTI is too wide for me (4 inches according to eLux). I have to wait until I see the FP and Koala in person to decide which one.
  2. Good luck with your decision!
  3. Cool! I'd go with the Koala. Too cute!
  4. Between the 2 I would pick the Koala. I have one and I love it. If you like longer wallets I suggest looking at the Eugenie wallet.
  5. i prefer the french purse :smile:
  6. Koala. It's really cute!
  7. Longer wallet go For Eugenie....abs
  8. I have the koala and love it. Have fun choosing your wallet.
  9. French purse!
  10. french purse!!!
  11. Koala is great! I just bought one (my first LV wallet) and love it! Let us know what you decide.
  12. I have the mono french purse and love it. It's so cute.
  13. love how the french purse fits in my hand.
  14. FP or Eugenie.
  15. Thx, I'll let everyone know what i pick. i'll take a look at the Eugenie too. :tup: