I'm going to Burberry tomorrow and i need some advice ladies...

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Which bag...in order of pics.

  1. Bag 1

  2. Bag 2

  3. Bag 3

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  1. So they are going to try to clean my "big momma" (that is what I call my big Nova Check) and I saw this purse and I love it but I don't know what size to go with? Here are the descriptions let me know your thoughts...

    Also my hubby likes the brown canvas...which is better in your opinion.

    • cotton tote with leather rolled handles, trim and detail.
    • drawstring closure at the sides of the bag.
    • two side exterior pockets.
    • brass hardware.
    • inside zip pocket.
    • beige canvas lining.
    • has three interior pockets for cell phone, blackberry and miscellaneous.
    • 11" x 9 1/2" x 4".
    • imported.
    • style # 31703065.


    canvas tote with leather rolled handles, trim and detail.
    toggle closure.
    two side exterior pockets with drawstring tie closure.
    inside zip pocket.
    interior pouch with zip pocket.
    beige canvas lining.
    has five interior pockets for cell phone, blackberry, ipod and miscellaneous.
    13 1/2" x 12" x 8".


  2. I love them all! The 1st 2 are lovely for spring while the 3rd is nice twist of the classic & could be used all year. While I would normally recomment getting the more new design, I'd have to go with the 3rd one mainly because the other 2 are mainly white & it might be easier to stain, which was is the dilemma w/ ur current one. Anyway, just my opion but they are all fabulous & any would make a great addition to your collection!
  3. I agree with yhassan, the third one is more of a classic, still looks fresh - will be great for summer and you don't have to be that nervous about the bag getting dirty. Good luck!
  4. Im sorry I don't really like burberry but if I had to pick one it would be the last pic, more classy I think. The other two look tacky to me, something a gran would carry her groceries in!
  5. The others look too tatty as well. I'd definitely go for the third one.
  6. I've actually seen the last tote and it's acutally very nice. Nice spin on the novacheck pattern. Good for spring/summer. I've been thinkning about getting this one for a work tote :smile:
  7. i am sorry. non of them really wowed me. but if i had to choose, i would go with the third one.good luck. overall, i think its which ever on you like the most. try it on, if it feels right them you know you have made your decision.
  8. What do you want it for? Just everyday? The first two look more 'picnic' than work. The last one seems as though it could do both.
  9. I like the third one. I don't really like the colors and the styles of the first two. I don't think most people would think the first two were Burberry.
  10. Wow!!! That will be a fun trip! I really like them all, but something about the 2nd one, how cute is that! The only thing is that of course it's a seasonal bag! Make sure to tell us what you get!
  11. I actually like the 3rd one. I'm not too keen on the colors of the first two.
  12. I agree with this person 100%!!