I'm going to be in the WORK club too! YAY!

  1. wow zacorey! and for an INCREDIBLE price! congratulations babe...do post pics when you receive it!!!!:upsidedown: :flowers: ;)
  2. You know I'm SO EXCITED for you!!!!!!!! :girlsigh::wlae::yahoo::love::heart:
  3. yippeeeee!!!!
  4. fabulous! I was eyeing that one too! great bag, i'm sure the leather is going to be fabulous!
  5. wow, what a great deal, congrats! :heart:
  6. CONGRATS!!! :jammin: I bought my pewter weekender from that seller. Oh and welcome to the work club!!
  7. Congrats zacorey!!!!

    :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:

    Very cool bag!
  8. Congrats! I saw that bag last evening and wondered who the lucky bidder was. You got it!! Great bag!
  9. congrats!!! :yahoo:
  10. Woooohoooo! Congrats, zacorey!!!!:flowers: That's a fantastic deal! Yay!!!:yahoo:
  11. Thanks everyone for the kind welcome and words!!! I had to pay by echeck so it will be awhile! AHHHH- I can't wait! I told my husband I'm on cloud 9 and I can't get down!!!:lol: :yahoo:
  12. hip, hip, hooooooooray for your new black work zacorey :yahoo:...i think my black work is my favorite b-bag of all :tender:
  13. ^ really? I think I will probably use my black the most too b/c it goes with everything! I love black!
  14. WOW zac..... CONGRATS to this AMAZING WORK :flowers: :yahoo: ! It looks fantastic :tender: . . . GORGEOUS :yes: !! I can't wait to see this bag on you ;) :love: